Top 5 Trimmer Under 300 Rs | 2022

Looking for a Trimmer under 300 rs? It’s hard to get a durable trimmer at this price range

But after putting a lot of research and work, I have picked the 5 best trimmers under 300

You can find the comparison between the trimmers, also check the cons carefully

If you are in a hurry you can jump directly to my recommendation, it’s at the bottom

List of Top 5 Best Trimmer Under 300 Rs

  1. Maxel Nova 201B Beard Trimmer Under 300
  2. Nova NHT Beard Trimmer Under 300 Rs in India
  3. Kubra KB 1088 Best Trimmer Under 300 Rs
  4. Kubra KB 2029 Beard Trimmer Under 300
  5. My Recommendation

1. Maxel Nova 201B Beard Trimmer Under 300

This is the first trimmer on my list, and the reason I added this trimmer to the list is that it’s under 300 Rs

However, do I recommend this trimmer? the short answer is no, let me tell you why?

Number 1 – You cannot use the trimmer on battery it’s a corded trimmer, you have to plugin, in order to operate the trimmer

Number 2 – The trimmer body is kinda fragile compared to other trimmers in this price range

Also, the body seems slippery, in case you drop it mistakenly it may break, and I won’t recommend you use it in the shower

Since I couldn’t find any detail about water resistance, so that’s a big no, you cannot use it under the shower

Also after using this trimmer for 5 to 10 minutes, the trimmer gets hot, you have to wait to cool it down in order to use it again

The only good thing this trimmer has is an elegant design, and it does the job at any cost

Since it’s not a battery-operated trimmer, you don’t need to worry about the run time, that’s a good thing

Besides that, I don’t think you should get this beard trimmer, and the actual reason why I reviewed this trimmer is because

I don’t want you to pick it by any chance, I don’t think it’s worth the money as well, at the same price you can pick Nova NHT which is kinda better than this trimmer

However Nova NHT has some cons as well, so that’s not what my final recommendation is, and if you want something that does not bring the trouble of charging

Then yes, you can go for this beard trimmer, as I said it’s a corded trimmer, you can use it anytime and up to an hour long, as long as there is the power supply

In that case, it’s the best beard trimmer under 300 rs, besides that I don’t recommend this trimmer

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2. Nova NHT Beard Trimmer Under 300 Rs in India

This is the second trimmer on my list, Nova NHT beard trimmer under 300rs

It’s one of the rare trimmers that is offering you 0.25mm beard trimming precision

And that’s remarkable to me, even expensive trimmers aren’t offering that feature

You can use this trimmer as a body shaver as well since it’s offering you 0.25mm precision

Also, the trimmer body looks really classic, but it’s quite fragile, dropping the trimmer from height won’t be a good idea

This trimmer brand claims, that it offers 30 minutes of cordless use with charging of 5 to 6 hours

I believe it only offers 10 to 15 minutes of cordless use with 5 to 6 hours of charging, due to the low-quality battery, performance is down

In terms of runtime the first beard trimmer wins, since it’s offering you a corded feature, but remember that trimmer gets hot after 5 to 10 minutes of using

However, Nova NHT has a 1-year warranty and 7 days of replacement to offer, whereas the first trimmer has not provided any warranty

Nova NHT is not waterproof and does not have any multiple length setting options just like the first trimmer, well under 300 rs you cannot expect much

My View – Well this trimmer seems better than the first trimmer in terms of features

It’s a little more durable, comes with better build quality, definitely better-trimming performance, and 1-year warranty as well

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3. Kubra KB 1088 Best Trimmer Under 300 Rs

I know you are looking for a trimmer under 300rs, but if you are willing to spend a little more, you can really get something durable and better

This is the kubra kb 1088 beard trimmer, this trimmer is offering you 40 length setting, even a very expensive trimmer does not offer that

Take Philips bt3102 for example, it’s around 1500 range, and still not providing 40 length setting, and BT3102 is one of the best Philips trimmers you can pick

Also the second trimmer on my list Nova NHT has no length setting, and both this trimmer Kubra and Nova Nht cost almost the same

This kubra trimmer offers 20 to 25 minutes of cordless use, which is enough for one time shaving

Whereas the Nova NHT is offering you just 10 to 15 minutes of cordless use, both trimmer offers cordless feature

And both trimmer has a 1-year warranty, but when it comes to durability the kubra beard trimmer provides you

A better sturdy body that is way more durable than Nova nht trimmer under 300rs

Also if you register on the kubra manufacture site, you will get 2 years of extended warranty on your trimmer

Both trimmers offer stainless steel blades, but no lock-in mechanism in nova nht, also kubra offers a 20 lock-in length setting dialer as I mentioned above

Overall Kubra kb1088 is a way better trimmer than nova nht, and the good thing is both trimmers are very affordable, so I will definitely recommend you to go with kubra kb1088

Because it’s more durable, it has a better sturdy body, and definitely better run time with 2 years of extended warranty

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4. Kubra KB 2029 Beard Trimmer Under 300

This is the last trimmer on my list, it’s a kubra trimmer just like the third one, and it’s a little cheaper than the third trimmer on my list

And both this trimmer offers very similar features, but this one at a little more affordable price

Number 1 – That is why I have decided to add it to my list, both kubra 1088 and Kubra 2029 has stainless steel blades for better trimming performance

Number 2 – Both trimmer offers 20 to 25 minutes of cordless runtime, which is enough for beard trimming, you can use it 3 times by charging it one time

Number 3 – Both trimmer attachments can be washed, however, this trimmer only has 5 length setting and does not offer a lock-in feature

Whereas the third beard trimmer on my list, kubra 1088 is offering you 40 length setting feature with a lock-in mechanism

If we talking about the trimming range, this kubra trimmer is offering you 0.5mm to 12mm, whereas the third trimmer offers you 0.5mm to 20mm

Besides that, both trimmers have a good sturdy body with decent griping but overall kubra 1088 wins and it is the best trimmer under 300 Rs in India, at least for now

But if you do not want to spend a little more money, I will say go with kubra kb 2029, you will just get a little fewer features like length setting and trimming range

Besides that, all important features like runtime, sturdy body all of that features are pretty similar, and this trimmer cost around 300 rs less than kubra 1088

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5. My Recommendation

If you have jumped directly to my recommendation this might help

So out of all the trimmers I have picked, I believe kubra 1088 is definitely a better option

Due to 40 lock-in length settings, plus a sturdy body with a better trimming range

But you can go with kubra kb 2029 the 4th beard trimmer on my list, it has very similar features

Like a sturdy body, stainless steel blades, and much more at a more affordable price

You can get the trimmer for under 300 Rs if there is a good offer going on, but I will suggest

Even if you have to spend a few bucks more, just go with kubra rather than Nova NHT or the first trimmer

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