Top 7 Trimmers For Men | 2022

Trimmer for men, well there are many trimmers for various purposes, which one do you need? I have listed a few best trimmers for men

Which caters different purposes, I have also mentioned why these trimmers are the best, make sure you go through the cons carefully   

Top 7 Best Trimmers For Men In India

MI Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips Body Groomer Cum Trimmer

Braun BT5240 Beard Trimmer

Kubra KB-809A Professional Beard Trimmer

Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer

Wahl 08591 Corded And Cordless Beard Trimmer

My Recommendation

1. MI Cordless Beard Trimmer For Men 20 Length Setting

Why this trimmer – This is the 1st product on my list, the reason I have added this trimmer to my list is that

It’s one of the fastest charging trimmer for men, you can charge it under 120 minutes and it will give a runtime of 60min cordless usage

Who should go for it – in case you are looking for a trimmer that can be used while charging then this trimmer is not for you

Because you cannot use it while charging, however, it does give you 60 mints cordless trim, with just 2 hours of charging

Important Features – Few most Important features of this trimmer is it comes with 20 length settings, 0.5mm precision close trim, and stainless steel self-sharpening blades

Cons – Again the same con I would like to mention, you cannot use it corded and that could be a problem because some people prefer using the trimmer while charging

My View – I will say it’s an awesome trimmer for anyone who is looking for a fast charging trimmer for men

Since it just takes 2 hours to get fully charged, and I have used multiple trimmers, I can tell you at this price range it’s really hard to find a decent fast charging trimmer

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2. Philips Body Groomer Cum Trimmer For Men

The good thing about this body groomer is, it comes with skin comfort, you can get a close shave of 0.5mm

And the best part is it’s safe around the sensitive areas however, the shaver is a little slow that’s a drawback

But in terms of safety for private parts, it’s decent, In case you didn’t like the product you can return it within 7 days

Since it comes with 7 days replacement offer, you also get a stainless steel blade with the trimmer

Which is stronger when compared to standard trimmer blades, and these are also long-lasting

Overall, it’s a decent Philips trimmer for men, anyone who wants to trim their private part safely

And also looking for a full-body groomer but remember the shaving part is going to be slow since the cutter width is 32mm but it’s safe and long-lasting

Also, it comes with 2 years of warranty, in case something goes wrong, you get a cover for 2 years from the brand

The trimmer needs an AA battery and it’s not rechargeable, you have to change the batteries once they are drained

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3. Braun BT5240 Beard Trimmer For Men

Braun Beard Trimmer for men, It’s a german brand trimmer, the reason I added this product to my list is because

The trimmer is really top-notch, the features it’s providing like 0.5mm close shave to 39 length setting is remarkable

And also the body seems very strong which sets the trimmer apart from the competition

However I want to leave the buying decision up to you, First of all, you are getting a 7 days replacement on amazon

In case you didn’t like the product amazon will happily return the item, the trimmer comes with 39 length setting with a 0.5mm close shaving option

This means you can try any beard style, for example even a light stubble beard which is my favorite, and not all trimmers can provide you with that

The most important and the best part of this trimmer is you getting 100 minutes of cordless trimming with just 1 hour of charging

Not many brands are willing to provide this type of commitment, this is why I added this Braun beard trimmer to my list

But remember when it comes to warranty, the brand has not really mentioned enough detailed on amazon

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4. Kubra KB-809A Professional Beard Trimmer For Men

The reason I added kubra beard trimmer is that it’s one of the best affordable trimmers for men

You get the corded and cordless feature, you can use this trimmer while charging, and that’s the best part

It also has 38 length settings, you can literally try any beard style with this trimmer

However, all these features come at a very affordable price, that’s what forced me to add this trimmer to my list

You also get a 1-year warranty, in case anything goes wrong, you can return the item

And if you register on their website you will get 2 years of extended warranty

Since it’s very affordable, the trimmer does come with some drawbacks, and I want to mention them

Number 1 – The blades of the trimmer does not have a safety mechanism if you are using it without a comb be careful, otherwise, you might end up with a cut

Number 2 – The quality of the combs are not on point, they seem fragile also trimmer is not waterproof

So be careful while using it under the shower, and yes I believe blades are not made up of stainless steel, so it’s not rustproof as well. As much I know

Overall you get awesome features, at a very affordable price, but the drawbacks are there as well

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5. Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer For Men

Kubra cordless trimmer for men, the reason I added this product to my list is that it’s one of the most durable trimmers for men

It’s a clipper cum trimmer, you can use it for multiple purposes, the trimmer comes with stainless blades

So rusting is never a problem and also the blades are going to remain sharp since stainless steel is best for blades

The weight of the trimmer is 0.33kg which is kinda heavy for a trimmer but that reflects the item’s durability

However, weight might be a little troubling for some people, because if you use it for more than 3 minutes, it may hurt your arm

The trimmer also comes with a 2200 Mah battery, which provides literally 120 minutes of cordless use, which is more than enough

Also comes with 4 adjustable taper control, which gives full control over shaving and trimming, you can shave as close as 0.5m to 12m

In terms of drawbacks, I don’t see any cons everything is so good about this trimmer

However weight might affect some users, and the design of the trimmer, it looks more like a salon clipper than a home trimmer

Besides that, you get 1 year of warranty and 7 days of replacement with solid features, the most important durability

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6. Wahl 08591 Corded And Cordless Beard Trimmer For Men

This is the last trimmer on my list, the design of this trimmer is top-notch, with classic black color

You can use this trimmer for multiple purposes, like cutting hair to trimming beard, comes with an adjustable thumb lever

But the reason why I added this trimmer is that it’s one of the most durable beards trimmer cum clippers that can be used at home

It looks awesome, comes with corded and cordless features, also stainless steel blades for easy shaving and cutting

If we talk about the runtime, it offers 90 minutes of cordless use with 180 minutes of charging, 90 minutes is more than enough for 3 to 4 good shaves

In terms of warranty, you get 2 years of warranty with 7 days of replacement, and in terms of drawbacks I couldn’t find any drawback

Overall I can say, this is the best durable hair trimmer for men, you can pick it online, but it’s expensive, which could be a drawback for most people

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7. My Recommendation

I could have recommended you one trimmer, but that’s not really going to be helpful, because I don’t exactly know what are you looking for

However, I can tell you if you are looking for a body groomer, then go with the Philips body groomer I have mentioned because compared to other body groomers, I have noticed this performs better

And if you want a decent trimmer that lasts long and works smoothly you can go with the last Wahl trimmer I have mentioned