Top 5 Treadmill With Ac Motor | 2022

Picking a treadmill with ac motor is not enough, you have to see whether it fits with your goal and weight category

Else you won’t be able to use it effectively, that is why I have picked 5 best treadmills with AC motor, that caters different audience, pick the one that fits your need

1. Let’s Play Automatic Treadmill With Ac Motor

Item weight – 76kg

Frame Material – Bend

Max speed – 16km/h

Horse Power – 3 HP peak

Foldable Treadmill – Yes

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

This is the first product on my list an AC motor Treadmill, I would have recommended this product to everyone

But the product may not fit a general audience, since the treadmill weight is around 76kg and the material which was used is blend material

Blend materials are pretty strong since, what matter is the main material, that is used for the body of the treadmill

So, if you weigh under 150 kg and looking for a treadmill just for walking purposes then this treadmill can do the job

But if you are looking for a treadmill for running purposes, you must know that this treadmill can bear only 80kg maximum for running

However the brand has claimed different numbers, they are saying it can bear more

But with my research, I can tell you there is no way this treadmill can bear more than 80kg for running, it will literally start shaking

So basically if you weigh around 80kg you can use this for running purpose anything more than that, up to 150 kg is good for walking purpose

When it comes to the warranty of the product, they are offering 3 years of warranty against the frame and 1 year on motor and parts

There are other brands who are offering better warranty, that’s one thing I noticed, also one thing I would like to mention

Do not try to run on this treadmill with max speed, if you weigh around 80kg, it might start shaking, not sure but it might, so take care of that

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2. Powermax Fitness Manual Treadmill  

Item weight – 31kg

Frame Material – Alloy steel

Max speed – 10km/h

Horse Power – 2.5 HP peak

Foldable Treadmill – Yes

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

This is the 2nd treadmill on my list and its the only treadmill that does not have an AC motor

The reason I’ve still added this treadmill is that it’s the best selling treadmill in India, but again not suitable for everyone

First of all, this treadmill body is strong but there are stronger treadmills at a lower price, the reason you should still go for this one

Is because the customer support and warranty of this treadmill is on point, and also the majority of people have liked it

So, if you weigh around 90kg and looking for a treadmill just for walking purposes or you weigh around 65kg

And looking for a treadmill just for running and walking purpose, in this both case you can go for this treadmill

Anyone who weighs more than 65 kg cannot use this treadmill for running, this is my guess

And trust me it will start shaking and will start making terrible noise while running if you do not fall in the mentioned weight category

As I said warranty is on point – The brand is offering a lifetime frame warranty and 3 years warranty on the motor plus a 1-year warranty on other parts

So if you weigh around 65 kg and want a treadmill for running purposes, its the one

And in case you are heavier than 65 kg but looking for a treadmill just for walking purposes, you can still go for it

It has a pretty solid warranty plus you get a 10days replacement benefit, so it’s a win-win

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3. Cockatoo CTM12 Best Treadmill With Ac Motor

Stainless Steel

130 kg item weight

Max user weight – 150 kg for walking

Foldable – Yes

100 kg for running

Cockatoo CTM12 is the third product on my list and it’s one of the heaviest treadmills You can find online

The reason for me adding this treadmill to the list is because this treadmill can be used by anyone

However, the price of this treadmill could be a problem, since it’s very expensive for most people, 90k plus while a going offer

Besides the price factor, if we look at the treadmill, it’s a very strong one, weighing around 130 kg

However, the frame is made up of stainless steel which is not as strong as alloy steel

In spite of that, it can be considered as a strong and durable treadmill because if you are under 100kg bodyweight you can use this treadmill for running purposes

None of the other treadmills can bear 100kg user weight for running purpose, they will literally start shaking and sometimes makes a weird noise

So, if you are a heavyweight person and looking for a treadmill for running purposes with a goal of losing weight then this is the one

A little con I would like to mention that, the brand-customer support is a little slow

They will reach you, and solve your problem but might take a month to do so, I hope the brand is working on their customer support

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4. Durafit Champion Treadmill With Ac Motor

Item weight – 99kg

Frame Material – Alloy steel

Max speed – 20km/h

Horse Power – 5 HP peak

Foldable Treadmill – Yes

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

Durafit champion is the 4th product on my list and again it’s one of the strongest and heaviest treadmill

If we talk about the item weight its around 99 kg, with a strong frame material, which is Alloy steel

Now the brand has claimed that this treadmill can bear up to 150kg for walking, which I agree to a certain point

But I also believe if you walk very slowly only then it’s going to work smoothly, otherwise, treadmill might shake or make little bit noise, if you are around 150kg

But anyone around 130 kg can comfortably walk on this treadmill without any issue

Now if we talk about the running capacity the brand has claimed 120 kg is the maximum running weight

But, I don’t think so, I believe anyone under 110 kg will be a better fit for running

If Anyone more than 110 kg, try to run fast on this treadmill, it might start making noise or it may start shaking

Other than that, its a very strong treadmill, and also you can consider this treadmill as an alternative to the 3rd treadmill

Since it’s more affordable and almost as strong as the 3rd treadmill, and well the frame material of this treadmill is definitely stronger

And if we talk about the warranty, you are getting 5 years of warranty on the frame, 3 years warranty on the motor, and 1 year on the parts, its all door step warranty

And 5 years frame warranty shows that its a really strong treadmill since the brand itself is confident that till 5 years there should not be any problem

However, one con I would like to mention, is that it’s true that the treadmill is very strong

And it will stay firm while you running on it, but the frame might make some noise, which can be a little annoying

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5. My recommendation

Overall if you have a medium budget I will definitely recommend the 4th treadmill, I believe it’s the best ac motor treadmill in India under budget

Reason 1 – The frame material is made up of Alloy steel which is very strong compared to the 3rd treadmill which is made up of stainless steel material

Reason 2 – Anyone under 130kg can use it for jogging and simple walking,

And anyone under 110 kg uses it for running purposes, which caters majority of the audience

Reason 3 – Warranty is pretty solid, you will be getting a 1-year warranty on the frame, 3 years on motor, and 5 years on frame

Reason 4 – Looking at the price, it’s the only treadmill that is very strong, durable with an AC motor that caters to almost the majority of the weight

For running and walking purposes, and at the same time it’s pretty affordable and cheaper than the 3rd treadmill

So this is the treadmill I recommend, you can give it a shot and check on amazon

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