Top 5 Treadmill Under 25000 Rs | 2022

Looking for a treadmill under 25,000? It’s a very good budget to find a treadmill, and you definitely deserve the best treadmill in this price range

Therefore I have mentioned the drawbacks very clearly, why you should or should not get the treadmill for your home, I want you to check the reviews carefully

So that you can pick the best treadmill under 25000 rs, you can also go to the bottom directly to check my recommendation

List of 5 Best Treadmill Under 25000 Rs in India

  1. Cockatoo Multi-Function Treadmill CTM-04
  2. Cockatoo Stainless Steel Treadmill CTM-101
  3. Fitkit Treadmill XR Series
  4. Powermax Fintess Treadmill TDM-9x
  5. Cokatoo Multi-Function Treadmill Under 25000 Rs

1. Cockatoo Multi-Function Treadmill Under 25,000 Rs in India

Item Weight – 42 Kg

Max User Weight – 90 Kg Walking

Max Speed – 14km/per hour

Peak Horse Power – 2HP

Warranty – 3 Years

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

Cockatoo Is the first treadmill on my list, let’s check how durable the treadmill is?

Durability – If you look at the material that has been used to make this treadmill is actually blended material

Blend material is not the best, however, it’s not bad as well, and since the company is offering

Lifetime frame warranty, which is absolutely amazing because this shows us how promising the frame is

But before you consider this treadmill do know, that this treadmill can only bear up to 90 KG, max weight for walking

And for running it can goes up to 70 KG max, As much I know, so if you weigh more you need to go for the upgrade model

Now let’s talk about the running surface & other features- The treadmill is offering you 15.3 X 43.3 inches of wide space

Which is considered as pretty spacious, you can comfortably walk & run, no doubt!

Features you get along with this treadmill are – easy to fold, monitor with time, speed, distance, calories tracker, pulse meter also fat measure

Well, I’m not very sure about how accurate the fat measurement is, and you also get a speaker whose sound quality is kinda poor

The last feature you are getting is a 3 level manual inclination feature, well out of all of these features the most important thing is durability and performance

And in my opinion, it’s one of the best treadmills under 25,000 in terms of durability and performance

One last thing I want to share is the customer support service, everything is good about the product, but I’m not very confident about their customer support, I think it’s not on point they need to work on it

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2. Cockatoo Stainless Treadmill Under 25,000 Rs

Item Weight – 35 Kg

Max User Weight – 120 Kg Walking

Max Speed – 14.8km/per hour

Peak Horse Power – 5HP

Warranty – 3 Years

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

I have a very mixed feeling about this treadmill because the brand is claiming the max horsepower is 5HP

& At the same time, if you look at the frame material, they have used stainless steel material

And Alloy steel as frame material, basically it’s a blended body and on top of that

The treadmill only weight around 35 KG, however, the brand is claiming that the treadmill

Can bear up to 90 KG max user weight for running, I really doubt it, because looking at the material

I can tell you, even if a 75kg person tries to run fast on this treadmill, the belt and motor may  start creating noise

Due to not having a very strong material, and also the item weight is little less to belive a 90 kg person can run comfortably on it, just my guess!

You can go with my personal recommendation because in terms of item weight and the rest of the features

I personally think that this treadmill is way better than any of the treadmills you can find at this price range.

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3. Fitkit Treadmill Under 25,000 Rs in India

Item Weight – 50 Kg

Max User Weight – 110 Kg Walking

Max Speed – 14km/per hour

Peak Horse Power – 3.25HP

Warranty – 3 Years

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

Fitkit Treadmill is the third product on my list, and the reason I added this to my list is

Because it’s one of the strongest treadmills, you can find at this price range

Okay Let’s Check The Durability of This Treadmill – The treadmill is made up of Alloy steel which is pretty strong compared to stainless steel

Also, this treadmill is on the heavier side, almost weight 50 plus KG compared to other treadmills which are under 45 KG

Heavyweight treadmills are a little stronger, and I believe they can bear more weight when compared to any lightweight treadmills

The maximum user weight the brand recommends is 110 KG which is for walking I’m pretty sure

One thing I would like to share is, Verified users have said that after a year of using this treadmill

The treadmill might show some problem like producing noise from belt or motor

But to cover that you are getting 1 year of warranty on the parts and the motor

If you ask me, the reason why people experience sound from the motor or belt

It could be Because the weight of the person was maybe more than 110 kg or 100 Kg

But they might have tried to run on the treadmill, which eventually damaged the product motor or the belt

I would have considered this as a good treadmill but since the brand

Customer support is really bad, as much I know, this is why I’m not going to consider it as a good treadmill unless the company fix the customer support

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4. Powermax Treadmill Under 25,000 Rs

Item Weight – 48 Kg

Max User Weight – 100 Kg Walking

Max Speed – 10km/per hour

Peak Horse Power – 3.5HP

Warranty – 3 Years

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

This is the 4th Product on my list, out of all the treadmills under 25,000 Rs, It’s one of the best treadmills

But I don’t really recommend it right now, since the 1st and the 3rd treadmill is better at the same price range

If we talk about the durability of this treadmill – It’s pretty strong but not as strong as the first and the 3rd product, in my opinion

And also the product weight is a little less than the 3rd Product, but that’s not a big problem

The reason I’m not recommending this treadmill is that the space of the treadmill is a little less

And in case you want to run fast on the treadmill, you won’t be able to do so

Also, few verified users have said that the treadmill makes a weird noise, I believe it is because

The body of the treadmill is not as strong as it is mentioned or claimed by the brand or the motor of the treadmill is failing to take the load

However, the brand is offering 3 years of motor warranty and 1 year of parts warranty the good thing is they are offering lifetime warranty on the frame

But I’m not sure, how good is their customer support, is and if they are going to deliver on their promises

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My Recommendation

Cockatoo Multi-Function Treadmill is the one I’m recommending, let me share why?

There are 2 most important things, this treadmill is offering and without these 2 things I will never get a treadmill for myself

1. Durability of the treadmill – If your treadmill won’t last even a year what’s the point of getting it

And the cockatoo treadmill comes with an alloy steel frame which is very strong, and if you compare it to the other treadmills

You will find that other treadmills do not really stand a chance, and the item weight of this treadmill is more as well

Around 42KG, which makes sure that while you running on the treadmill, it does not start shaking

Also, the motor runs smoothly, if you go for a lightweight treadmill, chances are very high that the treadmill will start shaking if you run fast

Also, you will find it uncomfortable to run on it, you may get disbalance while trying to run fast and the item may look kinda cheap

2. Warranty – Warranty is a must because you cannot be 100 % sure about a product therefore you need cover and this treadmill is offering some mind-blowing warranty compared to all other treadmills at this price range

1. Lifetime warranty on the frame, this shows how much the brand is confident about their product frame

2. Complete three years of warranty on the motor, which is amazing again

3. One year warranty on the product parts, the main thing is the motor and also the frame, and here you are getting full cover

Final thought – All of the products are good at something, but if you want a treadmill that does not show any problem for years, and in case it does there is always some cover

Then this is the treadmill you should consider, and also it’s a treadmill I may get it for my home workout

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