Top 5 Treadmill Under 10000 | 2022

Looking for a treadmill under 10,000 Rs, Great! I have picked 5 treadmills where I have shared

Why these treadmills are good and few are not worth the money at this price range, check the best treadmills under 10,000 below

1. Durafit Efficio Treadmill Under 10,000 Rs

Motorized Treadmill Automatic

Brand – Durafit

Warranty – 1 Year

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

Cons – Top Speed is only 8km/per hour so not for athletes

What I liked about this treadmill is, it’s really worth the money and the brand offers a very reasonable price, looking at the feature and durability

Also, this is the only electric treadmill under 10000 or around this price when there is an offer going on you can get it for 10000 rs, it’s a win-win

Let’s start with the Durability – The material that is used to make this treadmill is high-quality solid steel

Which is far stronger than standard treadmills, It can bear more weight for a long period of time than regular manual treadmills

However, the brand has claimed that the treadmill can bear up to 100kg but to my knowledge

I will say for walking, Yes It may bear up to 100kg but for running it can bear only up to 70 to 80kg

Good for seniors – If you ask me, this treadmill is really good for elderly peoples, and someone who just want to stay fit, and runs an hour or so a day

Maximum Speed – The maximum speed that the treadmill is offering you is 8km/per hour, which is kind of low for anyone who is an athlete

So if you are an athlete type of person, this treadmill is not for you at all

Running Space – You are getting a pretty wide running belt compared to all other treadmills on the list, its 39 x 14inch

Which is spacious enough for you to walk, or jog very comfortably, as long as you are not a very big guy, you can exercise comfortably

2.5 Horsepower – Horsepower is an important factor to consider while buying an automatic treadmill because the amount of power you need for walking and jogging is always going to be lower than that what is required for running

Therefore let’s assume you’re a male weighing 90 kg you’ll need around 1.6 hp to walk at a speed of three miles per hour

Conversely, if you’re a female weighing 77kg you need around 1.4 hp to achieve the same speed

I hope you getting an Idea, and this treadmill is offering you 2.5 horsepower, which works well for joggers, overall It’s a treadmill I will get it for my home since it’s the only electric treadmill under 10000

2. Lifeline Fitness LT-281 Manual Treadmill Under 10,000 Rs

Manual – Non-Motorized

Brand – Lifeline

Warranty – 1 Year

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

This is the 2nd treadmill on my list, but it’s not motorized like the first treadmill, It’s a non-motorized manual treadmill

Which is operated by manual force you put on the treadmill, Anyway Let’s start with the durability

The durability of the treadmill – The material that is used to build the body of the treadmill is a heavy-duty steel

Which is stronger than an aluminum body, It can bear more weight and it does not bend easily

Maximum weight – The brand is claiming that the treadmill can bear upton100 kg maximum weight

However, you need to know that running and walking weight is different if the treadmill shows a maximum weight of 100 kg for walking

Then maximum weight for running is only going to be 70 to 80kg since running puts more pressure on the treadmill

Running Space – One thing I like about this treadmill is the space it’s providing to walk or run

The belt is 25 inches wide, which is good enough for any person to walk or run on it

And also at this price range, I believe there are only 2 to 3 different treadmill models, that is providing you 25 inch a Wide running belt

However, I would like to mention one thing, I’m not really sure if a 100kg person can jog on this treadmill every day

It may start creating noise and also it may start shaking, which may decrease the quality of your exercise

So before you decide to pick this treadmill, I just thought of telling you this, so if you are around 100kg, expect a good walk but not running or jogging

3. Lifeline LT – 203 Treadmill Under 10,000 in India

Manual Non-Motorized

Brand – Lifeline

Warranty – 6 Months

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

If we talk about the durability of this treadmill, I believe It’s a little less than the 1st and the 2nd product on my list

But the item weight is 45 Kg, which is pretty good considering a manual non-motorized treadmill

With the item weight, we can guess that the material that has been used to build this treadmill is moderately strong

However you do get many features, like push up bar, twister, and so on

It’s kind of a little exercise package you get with this treadmill

3-inch Incline level – This treadmill is offering you a 3-inch incline level, which is a very good feature

Because at the same pressure and speed you can increase your workout intensity

And in the second treadmill on our list, you are getting a two-level inclination feature, not a big difference

15 Inch Running Space – One thing I didn’t like about this treadmill is the running belt space

It’s only 15 inches wide unlike the 2nd treadmill which is 25 inches wide

And since 15 inches may not be spacious enough for some people, I would recommend going with the 2nd treadmill or first treadmill

First treadmill because you are getting very similar features to the product 2nd and 3rd

But along with all of that, you are also getting an automatic motorized feature

You can run the treadmill with electricity and get a 2.5 horsepower motor for automatic walking and jogging

4. Kobo Treadmill Under 10,000 In India

Kobo is another brand I thought of adding to my list, let’s start the review

Durability – The durability of this treadmill is good since the treadmill material that is used to build this treadmill

Is Alloy steel, which is pretty stronger than conventional stainless steel, also the Item weight is 39 Kg

This is good for a manual treadmill since it’s a very simple treadmill, that is why it weighs a little less compared to the third product on our list

However I believe, this treadmill will last longer than the 3rd treadmill on the list since it’s alloy steel and they are pretty strong

Maximum Weight – The brand is claiming that the maximum user weight is 100kg, I believe it’s for walking

Easy to Install – One thing I like about this treadmill is simplicity, you can easily install the treadmill by following the guide

2 level Incline – You are also getting 2 level inclinations, which increase the intensity of your workout if you don’t know at the same speed and pressure

Another good thing about this treadmill is it’s a foldable treadmill, which means it won’t take much space in your house

However, one thing you do need to know is that the treadmill is not offering any warranty that’s a pretty solid discouraging reason

My Recommendation

I would straight recommend the first product which is a motorized treadmill here are a few reasons why I liked the treadmill

1. It’s a motorized treadmill with 2.5 horsepower, you don’t easily get 2.5 horsepower at this price range

And in fact, the price is higher than 10,000 but if you wait for the offer you can get it around 10k rupees

Because the brand mostly keep running an offer

2. Running Space is Okay – It’s 39 X 14 inches, which is decent compared to what you are getting at this price range

And you should not have a problem walking or jogging

However, if you are planning to run a little faster, and you are a big guy, then yeah it may create some problem

3. Durability – The material that is used in a treadmill is heavy dutty which is very strong compared to regular steel treadmills

4. It’s good for elderly people since the top speed is 8km/per hour, anyone can use it for walking, jogging or running

However, the max weight is 100kg claimed by the brand, if you ask me I think 70 to 80 kg is the max for running!

At last, I would say in terms of durability and features, it is the best treadmill you can find online

Not just on my list, but right now if you look at the online market, I don’t think there is any other brand

Who is offering motorized treadmill, with a 1-year solid warranty and good durability