3 Best Syska Trimmer Under 500 Rs

Looking for a Syska trimmer under 500? I have picked 3 best Syska trimmers around 500rs, Syska brand does not really have trimmers under 500 but I tried my best to pick the most affordable syska trimmer with decent features, do check it out

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#3. Syska Pro Beard Trimmer

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This trimmer comes with 40 minutes of cordless use to make the trimming game long now trim comfortable for 40 minutes straight with this trimmer

The 5 length setting ensures you can get your desired beard style with no hassle and without a need of changing your trimmer

The trimmer also supports USB charging which means you don’t need to carry an additional trimmer charger because you can always use a phone charger to charge the trimmer

User Review – This trimmer is very easy to operate, am able to cut my hairs as well which is great, it’s like 2 in one, I find that blades are good and safe at the same time, the only con I would say it’s hard to clean the trimmer I used the brush as well but didn’t work, some of the hair went inside and stuck there so I had to detach the head and then clean also the head has grease oil inside, so It’s kind of a hassle to clean the trimmer, beside that, it’s a great trimmer and the best part is its providing all the premium feature just around 500rs

We Like

  • Build quality is fantastic
  • It feels sturdy and nice.
  • self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Charging indicator

We Don’t Like

  • Not easy to clean the trimmer

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#2. Syska UltraTrimer Beard Trimmer

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This syska trimmer delivers 45 minutes of cordless use which is amazing but the downside is you have to charge the trimmer at least for 8 hours to get 45 minutes of straight trimming

However, it comes with a USB cable option for more flexible and convenient charging through any USB adaptor

This trimmer also got a dial to adjust the length and the dial makes the length setting a clinch, the 20mm lock-in length setting ensures to keep your beard style versatile

You can use this trimmer for your neckline, and edging around the ears as well other trimmers sometimes hurt you while trimming your neckline but with this syska beard trimmer you can do it safely

The Detachable self-sharpening stainless-steel head makes the cleaning process very handy and the ergonomic design makes the trimmer even more likable

User Review – This trimmer is all in one pack, you just name the feature and this trimmer got it, really impressive, I’m not really a big fan of Syska brand but this trimmer deserve the praise, all the features its providing at such an affordable price really impressive, you get 45 minutes of cordless use, USB charging option to charge the trimmer with your phone charger and you don’t even need to buy any additional trimmer charger, also detachable head for easy cleaning and so much more adjustable length setting to easy neckline cleaner, loved the product I’m may buy one for my brother now.

We Like

  • It comes with a Dial that lets you adjust from 1mm to 10mm;
  • Ideal for trimming neckline, and edging around ears
  • Comes with charging indicator
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with 2 years warranty

We Don’t Like

  • 8 hours of charging

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#1. Syska Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer

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This trimmer promises to deliver 60 minutes of cordless use however it does not stand on its promise you can check the user review for in depth insight

This trimmer comes with 25 Length setting which is a good feature to have if that interest you can check out this trimmer because this trimmer comes around 500rs

Stainless steel blades ensures your blades are, just as sharp as day one so that you don’t need to replace it

The trimmer is easy to clean and comes with adjustable feature which makes the over all trimmer easy to use

User Review – features are great but I would not really recommend this trimmer only because of one reason the battery life sucks, it’s terrible. I think any trimmer that cost 200 to 300rs in the local market would give a performance, I don’t mean to defame the brand or trimmer whatsoever may be I was unlucky and received a bad product you can try on your own if you want, anyway the design is good

We Like

  • 25 Length Settings
  • 1.0mm Precision
  • Stainless steel precision cutting blade
  • Detachable Head
  • Removable cutting head, easy to clean

We Don’t Like

  • Poor battery backup

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My Recommendation

All the 3 products I listed above are good to use but they are not exactly under 500rs and let’s face it, it’s kind of rare to find an amazing trimmer under 500, but I did some extensive research and finally, I discovered this decent trimmer under 500, It took me a lot of time to get to this trimmer but I’m glad I’m finally reviewing this product

So, why I choose this trimmer for you? Number one reason it’s under 500rs and comes with better feature than any other trimmer at the same price range, let’s check the most important feature

Battery backup – Okay so this trimmer promises to deliver 45 minutes of cordless use which it does provide however, not for a very long time after few months of using this trimmer only going to deliver 15 to 20 minutes of straight trimming hardly, and believe me other trimmers in this price range aren’t going to deliver more than 5 minutes of battery backup after few months of using so that brings me to the next point

Charging Time – hey don’t tell me you are expecting 2 hours of charging time, because it takes 8 hours to get fully charged, sad right?  If you want a fast charging trimmer you have to spend a little more around 800rs plus, in case you are willing to spend the money you can check this fast charging trimmer article because this product takes fully 8 hours to get fully charged

Last but not least

Blade Performance – This trimmer comes with stainless steel blade if you don’t know what it is, it actually keeps your blades just as sharp as day one. You wouldn’t need any replacement, like anytime soon

Things you should know

1 Year Brand Warranty from Date of Purchase,

Additional 6 Months of Warranty on Brand’s Website Registration

Item Weight 113 g

My Personal Opinion – I won’t beat around the bush, the trimmer is good but you can definitely get a better trimmer if you are willing to spend 350rs more, I personally used this Philips trimmer for 2 years and I can confidently say this Philips trimmer is better than this lifelong trimmer under 500, If you are really tight with your budget go for this one, It’s an okay trimmer but if you can spend 350rs more, I would highly suggest get this Philips branded trimmer definitely a better option, with no brainer.


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