3 Best [ Philips Trimmer With Titanium Blade ] in India

Looking for a Philips trimmer with titanium blade, well I have listed 3 amazing trimmers with titanium blades 

and I have also discussed some Important things about titanium blades and stainless steel blades, do check it out so that you can pick the best trimmer and you can check my recommendation here 

1. Pro Philips Trimmer With Titanium Blade

  • This trimmer requires only 1 hour of charging to deliver 90 minutes of cordless
  • This trimmer comes with fast charging
  • Comes with Titanium coated blades remain as sharp as on day one
  • This trimmer can be used both corded and cordless
  • It also comes with charging Indicator for low/full/empty & charging status
  • The trimmer is easy to use & comes with 20 different lock-in length settings, from 0.5mm to 10mm
  • Also Skin friendly rounded tip blades
  • There is No heating and Skin Cuts issue with the trimmer
  • This trimmer gives you 30% faster cutting with Lift & Trim system


  • No Cons Found

2. Ustra Beard Trimmer with Titanium Blade

Trimmer With Titanium Blade


  • You only need to charge this trimmer for 1 hour to get 120 minutes of cordless use
  • Trimmer comes with T-shaped Blades that are 35% wider
  • Comes with Abs Plastic comb that won’t break
  • Comes with batter trimmer design that doesn’t tangle with the beard
  • 5 different size setting


  • No Cons Found

3. Philips Corded Trimmer with Titanium Blade

  • It’s a corded trimmer so there is no battery issue
  • Comes with double sharpened blade for 2 times faster cutting
  • Comes with 13 different lock-in length setting 0, 5mm to 13mm for all desired style
  • Comes with ergonomic handle for better control and comfort while cutting
  • Fully washable and detachable head feature for easy cleaning
  • Comes with Zero maintenance and no need to oil it
  • The trim and flow technology keeps the trimmer head hair free


  • No Cons Found

Titanium blades VS stainless steel blades

If you are looking for a titanium blade you already know what it is, but let me give you a quick review, the titanium blades are mostly used for corrosion-intensive environments. So if you are afraid of your trimmer blades rusting, just keeps it away from water that’s it

So what do I recommend? I would suggest, go for the highest grade of stainless steel blade because it is stronger than titanium, it holds the edge better while it’s comparatively high in hardness, you must know that a blade needs a very high level of hardness to keep an edge, and titanium blades are hard but comparatively less than high-grade stainless steel blades so it’s better to go with stainless steel blades

So which trimmer is good?

My recommendation would be, go with this Philips trimmer.

I can give you plenty of reasons why! But let’s start with the most important one, this trimmer comes with double sharpened stainless steel blades

Which is relatively better than titanium blade in most cases, high-grade stainless steel blades hold the edge better, but the problem with this trimmer is I’m not sure if the blade is high grade or medium grade

But the double sharpened feature Give us a relief that the trimmer blade is on point

Let’s come to the other features, this trimmer completely operates in cord, it cannot be used cordless

So why am I recommending it? Because it comes at an affordable price, you can cut your hair as well, and the clipper is pretty durable

Final Verdict

But if you want a simple trimmer with fast charging, cordless use, and good blade performance with stainless steel feature

Go for this Philips trimmer, 3 thousand plus customers have liked the trimmer and are satisfied with the product & the best part is, it’s very affordable, one of the best Philips trimmers so far