Top 5 Philips Trimmer With Charger | 2022

Looking for a Philips trimmer with charger, well I have picked 5 best Philips trimmer that comes with a charger

I have also mentioned why these trimmers are worth the money, and what are the cons

You can check my recommendation, I have mentioned why it’s a better choice

1. Philips MG5740 Beard Trimmer With Charger

This is the first trimmer on my list, the reason I picked this Philips trimmer is that it can be used for multiple purposes

Note: The charger cable is included in the package

You can use this trimmer for different length beard styling, hair cut, and body grooming, and you get all these features at a very affordable price

And since the trimmer has dual cut blades technology, it maximizes the trimming precision

If I talk about the battery, you have to charge this trimmer for 16 hours to get it fully charged

And the run time is 80 minutes, now charging time can be a drawback for most the people

But if you compare this Philips trimmer to MG3747, you will see the runtime of this trimmer is much better

And looking at the price, and the durability of the trimmer, I think the features are justified

Also, the trimmer comes with 1 year of warranty, and 7 days of replacement in case you didn’t find the product decent enough, you always have the option to return it

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2. Philips Series 3000 Trimmer With Charger

Just like the first beard trimmer, this Philips series 3000 can also be used for multiple purposes

You can use it for hairstyling, body grooming, and beard trimming, the trimmer also has self-sharpening blades

Which ensures smooth trimming and blades remain sharp as day one, due to the advanced technology

If we come to the run time of the trimmer, it delivers 60 minutes of cordless use, you will also get the nose and ear trimming attachment

The 7 tools are (2 stubble combs, 1 hair comb & 2 beard combs with nose and ear attachment

The problem with this trimmer is I could not find the warranty details, which is kind of problematic for me

If the brand is not offering a warranty, how can I trust the product, in the end, it’s an electronic product so a warranty is a must

And while comparing this Philips series 3000 with MG5740, I can see MG5740 is a clear winner, It will cost less if there is an offer

Also, it comes with more features, the body seems sturdy, and definitely has better performance also Philips MG5740 has got you covered with the warranty

Note: Trimmer charger is included in the package

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3. Syska HB100 Clipper and Trimmer with charger in India

I know you are looking for a Philips trimmer with charger but I just wanted to introduce this newly launched syska trimmer

The reason is it’s new and comprised of new technologies at a better price, this newly launched syska trimmer has been outweighing

All the Philips trimmer around 1500 price range, this is the reason why I thought, I would recommend this trimmer

Okay, let’s discuss the features in a more detailed manner, also the trimmer charger is included in the package

Number 1 – It offers you 90 minutes of cordless use if you just plugin for 1.5 hours of charging

Compared to any Philips trimmer around the 1500 range, it would take 10 to 16 hours for a Philips trimmer to get fully charged

So in terms of fast charging, this syska trimmer is definitely a clear winner, there is no comparison

Number 2 – It has 20 lock-in length settings so that you can try all the different beard lengths and style

Number 3 – corrosion-resistant ceramic coated blades & stainless steel titanium finish blades to keep the blades as sharp as day one

Which you do not get in a Philips trimmer around 1500 range

Comparing both I can tell you this trimmer performance and features are way better at the mentioned price range

Overall after comparing this syska new trimmer with any Philips trimmer under 1500 range

I can tell you this syska trimmer is winning all day when it comes to features and trimming performance

However, Philips trimmer body material is definitely better, they are more sturdy and feels solid compared to syska HB100

But if you want better features, fast charging, and better trimming performance, go for the syska beard trimmer

And if you want a strong body with good trimming experience, and the most important

Only the best Philips trimmer with charger, you can go with Philips BT3102

but remember again the charging time is 10 hours, unlike the syska trimmer which only takes 1.5 hours

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4. BT1232 Philips trimmer with charger

Philips BT1232 This is the 4th trimmer on my list, the reason I have added this Philips trimmer is because

I have used this trimmer myself, It comes with a charger as you are looking for

The blades are awesome, comprised of self-sharpening features, basically maintenance-free, No Oiling is needed

The grip of the trimmer is also really good, it feels sturdy and solid, I have been using it for the last 3 years

The body is really sturdy and durable, that’s for sure, however, I do have some complaint

Number 1 – Battery draining, I should not be complaining since it’s been almost 3 years now, but the battery drains really quick

With 8 hours of charging, I’m hardly able to trim for 5 minutes, the runtime is really down

But it was not the case, in the beginning, also while using this trimmer in the groin area be careful

Do not press against the skin, you might end up with a cut, so always use the comb and do not press against the skin

The safety mechanism of the trimmer is not really on point, overall it’s a good affordable trimmer with decent durability. Made for personal home use

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5. Philips BT3102 Trimmer with charger

This is the last trimmer on my list and one of the best Philips trimmers you can find online

This Philips BT3102 main feature is its durability and a strong body if you are someone who

Use the trimmer a little roughly and look for a strong body that lasts really long

Then this is the Philips trimmer you should pick, also this trimmer comes with a stainless steel blade

Which ensures really smooth trimming and rust-free blades, the trimmer has 10 lock-in length settings from 0.5mm to 10mm with 1 mm precision

Different lock-in length setting allows you to try different beard style, which is a must feature to have

If we talk about the battery and runtime, this Philips trimmer offers 60 minutes of cordless use with 10 hours of charging

And also the trimmer comes with 2 years of warranty in case something goes wrong you have the cover

Note: Trimmer Charger is included in the package

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After comparing Philips MG5740 with this Philips BT3102 trimmer, I can see in terms of durability

This Philips trimmer wins also the charging time is 2 hours less than the MG5740 model

However, the runtime of this Philips BT3102 trimmer is less than the MG5740, so that makes both trimmers equal in terms of battery performance

But if you go with the syska trimmer, which I recommend, you get better battery performance and features

Just with 1.5 hours of charging you can use the trimmer for up to 90 minutes, that is why I believe syska trimmer is a better option right now around 1500 range