Top 5 Philips Trimmer Under 1500 Rs

Philips trimmer under 1500 Rs, There are many options and all Philips trimmer is good in some way

But if you want to pick the best deal check the top 5 best philips trimmers under 1500 below

Top 5 Best Philips Trimmer Under 1500 Rs in India

  1. Philips MG5740 Beard Trimmer
  2. Philips BT3102 Beard Trimmer
  3. Philips BT Beard Trimmer
  4. Philips BG Body Groomer And Trimmer
  5. Syska HB100 Clipper and Trimmer (My Recommendation)

1. MG5740 Philips Trimmer Under 1500

This is the first trimmer on my list, the reason I added this trimmer to my list is that it can be used for multiple purposes

You can use this trimmer for a hair cut and body grooming as well, along with beard trimming

And since the trimmer has dual cut blades technology for maximum precision, you don’t need to worry about messing up with your beard style

Let’s come to the battery, you have to charge this trimmer for 16 hours to get it fully charged

And the run time is 80 minutes, now charging time can be a drawback for most people

But again if you look at the price, and the durability of the trimmer, I don’t think it’s a bad deal

It comes with 1 year of warranty, and 7 days of replacement in case you didn’t find the product good enough, you can always return it, but this is one of the best Philips trimmer under 1500

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2. BT3102 Philips Rechargeable Beard Trimmer Under 1500 Rs

This Philips trimmer has all the features you get in the first trimmer, but it’s more affordable

The reason it’s cheaper is that the runtime of this trimmer is 20 mint less than the first product it’s 60 mints

However, the charging time for both trimmers are not same, this trimmer takes 10 hours to get fully charged, the reason I added this trimmer is because of the durability

This trimmer will last longer than any conventional trimmer you can find online, and since it can be used for both

Body grooming, hair, and beard trimming, I had to add this trimmer to my list, and the build quality of the trimmer is really good

You don’t need to be worried about the trimmer body, I will say it’s one of the best Philips trimmers under 1500 in terms of durability

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3. Philips BT Trimmer Under 1500 Rs in India

This is the trimmer I have used myself, while using this trimmer I had only one complain

That is its runtime, at first, it was really good but over time battery starts draining really quick, which is kind of frustrating at some point but I believe it’s not the case anymore

Philips constantly improve their product, that’s why they are best when it comes to a beard trimmer

And I’m sure there was a deficit in my product, It’s a really great trimmer, you can use it for beard

And groin area as well, however, be careful while using the trimmer without a comb

The safety mechanism of the trimmer is not really on point, don’t press too much against the skin

You might end up with a cut, besides that it’s a great trimmer, It’s also waterproof and maintenance-free

Overall it’s a good affordable Philips trimmer under 1500 with decent durability. Made for personal home use

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4. Philips BG body groomer Trimmer Under 1500 Rs in India

This is the last trimmer on my list, In case you are looking for any Philips groomer, then this is the one you should go for

I have checked many-body groomers, but this one is the best in terms of durability and safety

In terms of safety, you can use this body groomer for private parts, the bidirectional feature ensures you a very safe experience

It’s not easy to use a conventional trimmer down there and get the job done with ease due to lack of flexibility but with this body groomer you can easily trim hard to reach areas

In order to use this body groomer you need AA batteries, and they are not chargeable, so you have to keep changing them over time

It also comes with stainless steel blade, which is self-sharpening, it cuts the hair smoothly however, it’s a little slow, so you have to have patience while using this groomer

Overall it’s a very safe and good body groomer, but batteries and the time it takes to cut hair can be a problem for many people

But if you want something safer for the groin area and for your body then this is the body groomer I would recommend

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5. My Recommendation

Syska HB100 Clipper and Trimmer Under 1500 Rs in India

I could have recommended you a Philips trimmer, but this newly launched syska trimmer has been outweighing

All the Philips trimmer under 1500 price range, this is the reason why I thought, I would recommend this trimmer

Number 1 – It offers you 90 minutes of cordless runtime with only 1.5 hours of charging

Number 2 – It has 20 lock-in length settings so that you can try all the different beard lengths and style

Number 3 – corrosion-resistant ceramic coated blades & stainless steel titanium finish blades to keep the blades as sharp as day one

Which you do not get in a Philips trimmer under 1500 price range

Comparing both I can tell you this trimmer performance and features are somewhere better around this range

Number 4 – You will get all the extra features with 2 years of warranty and 7 days of replacement option

Overall after comparing this syska new trimmer with any Philips trimmer under 1500 Price range

I can tell you this syska trimmer is winning all day when it comes to features and trimming performance

However, Philips trimmer body material is stronger and more durable compared to syska HB100

But I’m guessing you won’t drop the trimmer every day, in that case, you can go for this syska beard trimmer for better trimming performance

And if you want a strong body with good trimming experience, and most important only the best Philips trimmer under 1500 go with Philips MG3747

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