Top 5 Philips Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs

Looking for a Philips hairdryer under 500, unfortunately, there isn’t any Philips hair dryer that comes under 500 Rs

however, I do have some decent hair dryers that cost 500 Rs and work as fine as Philips hairdryer, you can jump directly on my personal recommendation

List of 5 Best Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs

S.noHair DryerWattsCord Length
1Panasonic Eh Hair Dryer Around 500 Rs10001.8m
2Nova NHP Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs12001.2m
3Vega Glam Hair Dryer Around 500 Rs1000Medium
5My Hair Dryer Recommendation Under 500 Rs10001.8m

1. Panasonic Eh Hair Dryer Around 500 Rs

  • Watts – 1000
  • Cool Shot – No
  • Cord Length – 1.8 meter
  • Heat Setting – Two
  • Speed Setting – Dual
  • Foldable Handle –No
  • Light Weight – Yes
  • Warranty – 2 years

My Verdicts – Panasonic Eh hairdryer is what I recommend over all the options that we have around 500rs range

This hair does not have features like a cool shot or foldable handle and on top of that it’s a little pricy, but still, I recommend this hairdryer

And to know the reason, why I like this hair dryer more you can check my personal review, it’s pretty detailed

And I have share some reason why this hair dryer is a better choice than all the option we have, check my personal review here

2. Nova NHP Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs

  • Watts – 1200
  • Cool Shot – Yes
  • Cord Length – 1.2 meter
  • Heat Setting – Two
  • Speed Setting – Dual
  • Foldable Handle –Yes
  • Light Weight – Yes
  • Warranty – 1 year

My Verdicts – The second hair dryer on our list is from nova, well it’s a great alternative, and it exactly comes under 500rs range

But I don’t really recommend this product, the only reason is that it’s comparatively less durable than all other hair dryers on our list

However, it comes with all the premium features like a cool shot, foldable handle & even 1200 watts, like 200 more watts than what I’m actually recommending

But still, durability is a way bigger factor to consider so, that’s why I won’t recommend this hairdryer personally, but you can definitely check it out because the price justifies all the features it’s offering

3. Vega Glam Hair Dryer Around 500 Rs

  • Watts – 1000
  • Cool Shot – No
  • Cord Length – Medium
  • Heat Setting – Two
  • Speed Setting – Dual
  • Foldable Handle –Yes
  • Light Weight – Yes
  • Warranty – 2 years

My Verdicts – This Vega glam is another great hairdryer if you are looking for something around the 500 range, But do I recommend this hairdryer

The answer is no because the first product I’m recommending is better than this vega hairdryer

  1. Vega hairdryer has an over 89% of satisfied customers whereas Panasonic EH has an over 94 of satisfied customer which means Panasonic EH is a clear winner in terms of durability
  2. If we talk about the body material both hairdryers feels sturdy
  3. Now let’s look at the watts, both hair dryer comes with 1000 watts but the Panasonic EH hairdryer comes with a little longer cord so that you can dryer your hair comfortably

I would suggest you check the complete review here, it’s pretty detailed


Panasonic Eh Hair Dryer Around 500 Rs

Why did I choose this hairdryer?

I can give you plenty of reasons, why I’m recommending this hairdryer, but let’s start with the most important one

Durability – Since you are looking for a hairdryer under 500rs, durability is definitely going to be a question, because all the hairdryers that come under 500rs, do not last very long

And my number one reason for picking this product is because this hair dryer not only comes with 2 years of warranty but also it has a very solid body

And premium materials have been used for this hairdryer, and that promises decent durability, let’s look at the numbers, this hair dryer has an over 94% of satisfied customer rating

Compare to other hair dryers it’s more than 30% more durable according to the statistics

So does the hairdryer have any cons, well yes it does comes with some cons

  1. You won’t get a cool shot feature
  2. The hair dryer comes with 1000 watts so if you have very thick hair, it will little longer to dry your hair
  3. The dryer is mini in size but does not come with a foldable handle, which means it’s comparatively less flexible to carry while traveling

Final Review – Last thing I would say, if the cool shot doesn’t bother you, and it should not because around 500rs, it’s really hard to get a hairdryer

That comes with all the features, and plus solid durability, that’s something not available in the market right now,

So, if you want a hairdryer that can do the job and last really long go for this Panasonic dryer

It’s currently the most durable hairdryer around 500rs, the Panasonic EH hairdryer