Top 3 Best Patanjali Mild Shampoo in [2020]

Sadly Our hair gets thin & damage at an early age but do you know why? it’s because using mercury, selenium & more chemicals alike on your scalp 

let me show you 3 Patanjali Mild Shampoo which is organic & very gentle in your hair at least it will not damage your hair 

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Is Patanjali a Mild Shampoo

Best Patanjali Mild Shampoo For Daily Use

Kesh Kanti Shampoo Vs Aloe vera Shampoo

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#3. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Mild shampoo for dandruff

patanjali anti dandruff shampoo



Finally a shampoo with no harsh chemical Patanjali Kesh Kanti is a mild shampoo & contains 100% organic ingredients 

which reduce the chances of hair damage to almost zero percent & keeps your scalp healthy

not just that it add shine to your hair so whenever you go outside you will see your hairs shining 

I Would say it’s a good product for someone who don’t want to mess up with chemicals and happy to use a organic product but you may not find 

the fragrance as good as other branded shampoos because this shampoo contains almost zero chemical 

So if fragrance is not a big problem to you & moreover you want’s to avoid any risk of hair damage this one is a go to product 

We Like

  • Prevent dandruff
  • Add shine to your hair
  • Natural ingredients
  • keep the scalp healthy

We Don’t Like

  • Not for severe dandruff
  • Lack of lather

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#2. Patanjali Aloe vera shampoo

Patanjali aloe vera shampoo




Patanjali kesh Kanti aloe vera shampoo comes with 2 packages at a very affordable price 

this Patanjali aloe vera shampoo is completely chemical-free which mean you can use the shampoo quite often 

you can consider this shampoo as a mild shampoo due to no harmful ingredients added 

if you have dandruff and frizziness in your hair you should definitely check Patanjali anti-dandruff mild shampoo becuase of its natural ingredients  

This shampoo is quite Gentle in your scalp and natural composition gives the best result Enriched with antioxidants for healthier hair Cruelty-free

Free of sulfates and other toxic chemicals that save your hair from any type of chemical damage as already discussed above so consider checking it out 

We Like

  • Prevent dandruff
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Anti Dandruff & Anti Frizz

We Don’t Like

  • Shampoo may not be suitable for all type of scalp

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#1. Patanjali full pack mild shampoo

patanjali reetha shampoo




It’s a combo Natural, Reetha, milk protein, and Shikakai shampoo which has no harmful ingredients included 

Many wonders is Patanjali a mild shampoo? yes Patanjali shampoos are mild but not all shampoos you have to pick them carefully by going through all the ingredient if a shampoo does not contain any harmful chemical and it can be used on a regular basis you can consider it as a mild shampoo whether its Patanjali shampoo or not

This product is organic and good for your scalp it is also skin-friendly so if you have a sensitive scalp or any itching related issue you can consider buying this product 

however I don’t want you to 100% rely on this product Patanjali claims to be organic but you still have to use few different products to know what works well on your hair 

it is very important to feed your scalp and keep it fresh so that you can have a dandruff-free scalp 

Final Verdict – I would say if you are looking for a mild shampoo to use on a regular basis and chemical-free shampoo you can check this product out

however I don’t recommend you to apply directly on your scalp before using it do a pilot test just grab a section of your hair

apply few drops of shampoo wash it and get rid of it to see if it’s working well or not if you see any allergic symptoms or any kind of irritation avoid using 

in order to find the best shampoo for your hair you have to test several products and then you can stick to the most suitable one 

We Like

  • Prevent dandruff
  • Nourishes scalp
  • Add smoothness
  • Organic & Mild components

We Don’t Like

  • Shampoo may not be suitable for all type of scalp

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Patanjali Kesh kanti or Aloe vera shampoo

Products A

patanjali anti dandruff shampoo

For daily use – 4.3

Chemical free – 4.2

Mildness — 4.4

Aroma — 4.5

Price – very affordable

Overall performance – 4.3 

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Product B

Patanjali aloe vera shampoo

For daily use – 4.1

Chemical free – 4.0 

Mildness — 4.2

Aroma — 4.3

Price – very affordable

Overall performance – 4.1

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What are mild shampoo?

A mild shampoo means a shampoo that is used to remove excessive oil from your hair

without drying out your scalp and hair. and mild shampoo is chemical-free 

so that you don’t experience and chemical damage in your hair.

If you are someone who washes hair often you might have noticed your scalp gets dry 

and you experience some hair damage this is because you are using an ordinary shampoo 

to avoid drying out always go for a mild shampoo 

Is Patanjali a mild shampoo ?

Yes, Patanjali shampoos is a mild shampoo however not all Patanjali shampoos are mild so choose a patanjali shampoo carefully 

as it helps you to reduce hair damage and it is good for your scalp,  

Patanjali shampoos claim to have natural ingredients in their product which I’m not really sure about 

in my research I have found all Patanjali shampoo are not sulfate-free 

some of them do contain sulfate so be a cautious buyer 

and pick the right shampoo goes with your scalp. 

Is Patanjali Kesh kanti a mild shampoo?

yes Patanjali Kesh Kanti is a mild shampoo and it works best for hair fall Kesh Kanti oil is thick and sticky adding coconut oil can enhance the benefits of using Patanjali Kesh Kanti mild shampoo (Amazon)

Best Patanjali Mild shampoo for daily use

If you’re looking for a patanjali shampoo for daily use then kesh kanti mild shampoo (Amazon) would be the best one for you 

becuase Kesh kanti has all natural ingredients you hair needs in a day to day life 

in case you are worried about damaging your hair you can do a pilot test it’s a mild shampoo so chances are you can use almost everyday 

however you should not wash your hair everyday even with normal water