Top 5 Office Chair Under 2000 Rs

Looking for an office chair under 2000, well there are not many good options at this price range

But I have managed to pick the best office chair under 2000, check them below

Disclaimer – I have also shared the product report, a simple graph, which will give you an unbiased idea about the product, if it’s worth picking or not

1. Rest well office chair under 2000 Rs


Cushion Seat


Easy To Clean

Capacity Up to 130 KG

10 days Replacement

1-year Warranty

This Report is based on customer real-time experience with the product, thank you to each and every customer who took the time to share these valuable insights

This is the first office chair under 2000 on my list, there are 3 good things about this chair, that caught my attention

Number 1 – This chair seems pretty strong and durable, and no doubt why this chair’s capacity is up to 130 Kg, Frame material is quite strong

Number 2 – This chair is offering you cushion seating which helps you to seat comfortably and work for little longer hours

The thing is no other office chair under 2000 is offering you cushion seating, that’s one reason why I picked this chair

Number 3 – The chair is also offering you a footrest it comes in handy sometimes, I especially like the idea of having a footrest

Overall I would say it’s a good office chair but if you go through the product report you will find out the real problems that a user would face

Such as sharp edges, yes the chair has some sharp edges which can hurt you if not used properly

Also, chair leg pegs are easily worn out, which may scratch your room tiles easily, and make some unpleasant noises

One thing I really didn’t like about the product is the visible back staples, it makes the chair looks very ugly from the back side

You can check the product report to have a better idea about the chair, it’s above the review

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2. Ikea modern office chair under 2000 Rs in India


Warranty N/A

10 Days Replacement

Color – Gray

Item Weight – 2kg

Chair Capacity – 105 Kg

This Report is based on customer real-time experience with the product, thank you to each and every customer who took the time to share these valuable insights

This is the 2nd office chair on my list from IKEA, the reason I have added this chair is because of the Aesthetic it adds to your room

Look wise the chair is really good, but in terms of comfort, I would say don’t expect to sit for long hours and work

Since it’s a little smaller than the standard office chair size, it easily fits anywhere

But there is a problem with the chair, if you go through the product report you will notice

The majority of customers vote stating the chair width is not wide enough, which is not suitable for an oversized person

Also, I believe the frame is not very strong, So I won’t recommend a heavy person to sit on it

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3. Nilkamal Novella best office chair under 2000 rs in India

This Report is based on customer real-time experience with the product, thank you to each and every customer who took the time to share these valuable insights

Nilkamal Novella is the 3rd chair on my list the reason I added this chair to the list

Because It seems very spacious, even oversize people can fit in, however, two verified customers have said

It’s not that comfortable to sit, in my view if you sit for too long in a chair that does not offer you a cushion

You are bound to feel discomfort, but you can improve the comfort of the chair by adding an additional cushion

There are many good cushions online,  you can get them for 200 to 300 INR, you can check here

So overall, I would say if you want a good-looking aesthetic chair under 2000

That can be used for multiple purposes, including work, you can go for this one since it’s affordable, and sturdy enough for heavy people as well

And yes you also get 10 days replacement and 6 months of warranty, whereas in the 2nd chair you won’t get any warranty

Also do remember, do not expect to work for long hours, this chair is not ergonomically designed for long working hours, besides that, it’s the best office chair under 2000 Rs

And if you want to make the chair more comfortable, you can add a cushion as I Said above, the cushion will add a few extra comfortable hours while working

You can check the cushions here

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My Recommendation

I would say if you want an office chair under 2000 that offers a cushion

seating, go with the first one

Since other chairs aren’t offering you cushion seating, do remember the first chair on my list, won’t add any aesthetic to your room

The second chair is also great in terms of look-wise if you care about your room’s aesthetic

Then there is no better choice than this IKEA office chair under 2000, the only con

This chair does not offer you a cushion, which means working for long hours can be painful

But you can definitely check an additional office chair cushion to make your seating more comfortable

You can go for the third office chair if you are more interested in durability, and a chair that compliments your room aesthetic as well, and that’s all under 2000

The third chair is way more spacious and durable than the first two chairs, again you won’t get the cushion feature

You can check the additional cushions here for just under 200 to 300 rs


The next option I Have for you is a little different, Yes it’s OlX.

In Olx, you can definitely get an awesome office chair for 2000 which will otherwise cost you 10 to 12k, In case you go for a new one

However, it does come with some cons, like finding an office chair under 2000, meeting the seller, and again if you couldn’t end up cracking the deal.

Then all those hard work goes in vain, but the chances are high to get a great deal

I don’t recommend olx too strongly, but you can definitely give it a shot and check nearby


The Last Option I have for you is Indiamart, It’s not a good option if you want a single chair for your house

Because most of the salers in IndiaMART is either manufacturer or wholesalers

I would suggest you be careful while placing an order in IndiaMART, the sellers are not very reliable so double-check before placing an order

Don’t fall into the cheap price trap. Anything that is too cheap and very promising may not be from a genuine dealer

But yes in IndiaMART you can definitely get something for cheap while maintaining the quality and aesthetic


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