Top 5 Mattress Under 5000 Rs

Looking for a mattress under 5000 Rs, Great! You know, finding a mattress at this price range is a little tough job, because either you get a good one or end up with a raw deal

Therefore to keep it clear, I have also mentioned why you may not want to buy the mattress, basically, the good side and the drawbacks of the mattress, do check it out

1. Sleepwell Starlite Mattress Under 5000 Rs


Size – 4 different Sizes

Thickness – 5 inches

Firmness – Medium        

Construction Type – PU Foam Mattress

Weight – 6090 Grams

Warranty – 1 year

Replacement – 10 days Replacement

Let’s talk about the most important features first, So how comfortable is the mattress?

Well After going through some reviews, I can tell you some people find the mattress a little firm/Hard to sleep

So, if you are someone who likes to sleep on a soft mattress and looking for a single bed mattress, check the 4th product on my list, it’s a 100% organic soft mattress

This mattress is 5 inches thick and the construction type is Pu Foam with EPE sheet, it’s an important feature to know before you get the mattress.

And note generally memory foam is better and little expensive than PU foams, the reason is PU foams are less durable compared to memory foam

You may know that, Sleepwell is a huge brand and one of the oldest brands in the mattress business, they have been always improving their product, and this mattress comes with 1 year of warranty, and 10 days of replacement, in case something goes wrong, you can return the mattress

2. Wakefit Orthopedic Best Mattress Under 5000 Rs


Size – 90+ sizes available

Thickness – 5,6, & 8 Inch Average

Firmness – Medium        

Construction Type – Memory Foam Mattress

Weight – 8000 Grams

Warranty – 10 year

Replacement – 10 days Replacement

How comfortable is the mattress – Well the brand claims it to be a medium-firm mattress, so thus everyone can find the firmness suitable & comfortable enough to sleep

However, I find that the top layer of the mattress feels a little hard, which can be a little uncomfortable for someone who has been sleeping in soft mattresses or just used to it

And one more thing about the comfort, the fabric on the mattress is kinda slippery, some people might find that uncomfortable

Why It’s a good mattress – Look this mattress is way costlier than 5000 however, the brand is always running some offer like, for now, you can get it around 5000 rs

Anyway, the main point is why it’s a good mattress to have, is it’s a pretty comfortable mattress to sleep on, since the top layer is a little hard it won’t cause you back pain

And another best thing is durability, and on top of that, 10 years of mind-blowing warranty, and if you like to sleep in a soft mattress, you can get a topper for your mattress which will work as a soft mattress

3. SleepX Brill Best Mattress Under 5000 Rupees


Size – 3 sizes

Thickness – 5 inch

Firmness – Plush        

Construction Type – Foam Mattress

Weight – 6000 Grams

Warranty – 3 year

Replacement – 10 days Replacement

How comfortable is the mattress – This mattress comes with plush firmness, so if you like to sleep on a hard mattress, this is not the right one for you,

And after going through some reviews, I found that some people find the mattress too soft to sleep, which cause them back pain

So, I can tell you that if you are someone who is going through back pain or body pain issue, this is not the right mattress for you, you can go with the second mattress on our list, it’s an orthopedic mattress that will support your spine well and let you have a comfortable sleep

Few more things I would like to share, in case you have not gone through the features, the mattress comes with 5 inches height and 3 years of warranty, but I heard that on their website they are only offering 1 year of warranty

So, make sure you do some cross-checking before you get this mattress. And it also comes with 10 days of replacement, in case you didn’t like the mattress you can return it

4. Vg Soft Mattress Under 5000 Rs


Size – Single

Thickness – 3 inches

Firmness – Soft/Cotton       

Construction Type – Plush

Weight – 5000 Grams

Warranty – Not Mentioned

Replacement – 10 days Replacement

This mattress is one of my favorite mattresses, but wait, It’s a single bed mattress, and the company right now only has a single size available

Okay so, the reason I like this mattress so much is that the mattress is made up of pure silk cotton, and it is 100% organic

Due to the pure silk material, you may find the cotton smell for a few days, just for a week I guess

If I talk about comfort, It’s a very soft mattress, and the best part is, the stitches look pretty strong, but you need to remember one thing, cotton mattresses over time start sagging, so you need to keep this in mind before you get it.

There is a little con I forgot to mention, the mattress does not come in a standard size which is 3 feet for a single size mattress

This mattress comes with 2.5 width, which makes it harder to find a mattress cover for it since the size is not standard, and also on the bed, it may not fit well.

5. Springtek Mattress Under 5000 Rs


Size – 5 different Sizes available

Thickness – 4,5,6,7 & 8 inches

Firmness – Medium 

Construction Type – Foam

Weight – 14000 Grams

Warranty – 6 Years

Replacement – 10 days Replacement

How comfortable is the mattress – This mattress comes with medium firmness which is ideal for most the people

However, one thing I would like to mention is that the sides of this mattress are kinda slippery, Which makes the mattress not too friendly for elderly peoples

So avoid letting your grandparents sleep on it, and anyone who has back pain should avoid sleeping on this mattress

Even though the brand claims the mattress to have medium firmness, it’s not good for people with back pain, so avoid it

The good thing about the mattress is, it has a breathable top layer, so while you sleeping it won’t lock the air and let the heat builds up, it will keep circulating the air and will keep you cool during the night

A feature like zero partner disturbance is not available in this mattress and, it’s hard to get this type of feature in the range of 5000 rs

Overall It’s a reasonable mattress for young couples or family, just avoid it if your back an issue.

My Recommendation

Well, there are different mattresses for different purposes, and after tons of research and spending almost months on the mattress business, I can tell you which one is suitable for you

So, If you are looking for a  durable mattress and something that is comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t cause back pain

Then the 2nd product is the one you should go with It has a firm top layer that ensures support to your spine and comfortable sleep

However, some people may not find the firm layer too comfortable while sleeping, in that case, you can get a soft mattress topper, which will solve the problem

  • If you are looking for a soft single bed mattress then 5th product should be a no brainer, you can go for it because it’s one of the softest mattress with 100% organic silk cotton

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