Top 5 Mattress Under 2000 Rs | 2022

Finding a mattress under 2000 is definitely not easy, I had to make sure that the quality of the mattress is on point as well, not just the price

However, somehow I managed to find the best mattress under 2000 rs, check it out, also go through the cons carefully

1. Exceptional Generic Cotton Mattress Under 2000 Rs

Size – 20L X 20W X 10T Cm

Material – Cotton

Comfort – Very Soft

Firmness – Plush

Brand – Generic

After going through some reviews I can tell you, there are few people who didn’t really

Have a great experience with the mattress

However, on the other side of the spectrum, people find the mattress amazing and pretty soft and comfortable

But one thing, I would like to mention is that few people receive the mattress with a shorter width than what was mentioned in the product description

I hope the company fixed the issue and if that doesn’t bother you, you can go for this mattress, it’s pretty soft, comfortable and comes with a very reasonable price, only if you want a soft mattress

2. Livshine Foam Top Mattress Under 2000 Rs

Size – 72L X 36W

Material – Memory Foam

Comfort – Firm

Firmness – Nilkamal Blue

Brand – Livshine

This mattress is one of the best mattresses under 2000 rs, you can use it for multiple purposes

Due to the lightweight feature, you can move it anywhere, balcony to the backyard, or may carry it to a picnic place, note mattress is a little slippery on the floor so be careful

The material used in this mattress is high-quality memory foam, it does not get flat or saged, even if you use it roughly, that’s a nice feature to have

However, you should know that the mattress is only one inch thick, if thickness doesn’t bother you, it can be a great deal for your home or backyard

If we talk about the firmness it’s not too soft nor it’s too firm, basically ideal for kids and adults

This mattress also comes with 10 days replacement, in case you didn’t like the mattress, you can return it

3. Sleezee Foldable Mattress Under 2000 Rs

Size – 72L X 36W

Material – Fabric Cotton

Comfort – Soft & Comfy

Firmness – Medium Firm

Brand – Sleepzee

Sleeper Mattress is another great mattress for multiple purposes, whether it’s trekking, picnic & so on

If you are a frequent traveler and love to be around nature then this is the mattress you should definitely keep with yourself, since it’s lightweight and travels friendly

The good thing about this mattress is it’s easily washable & can be easily cleaned

Normal mattresses cause heating, while this mattress keeps you cool, however, this feature is claimed by the brand I’m not sure if they have used breathable fabric, which allows air to travel in and out freely

If we talk about the quality and the durability, I’m not very confident about this product, I would say go with the 2nd product if you are more concerned about the quality and durability of the mattress since both are under 2000 rs

4. Coir-on Slim Foldable Mattress Under 2000 Rs

Size – 72 X 36 X 1cm

Material – Polycotton Fabric

Comfort – Foam

Firmness – Medium

Brand – Coir-on

This one is another mattress, you can get under 2000 Rs, let’s talk about the quality, the material that is used on this mattress is polycotton Fabric

But when it comes to the real experience of customers with the mattress, it wasn’t too pleasant

They have said that the quality of the mattress is really poor, and it’s very thin, some even said, it’s not even one inch thick

However, this mattress also has some good side, the mattress is very lightweight, you can carry it to anywhere you want because it’s not even one KG

Note, you cannot wash the mattress, you have to use a dry cloth, which means you will have a hard time cleaning the mattress

5. Morofeel Foldable Best Mattress Under 2000 Rs

Size – 72L X 35W X 2

Material – Memory Foam

Comfort – Average

Firmness – Medium Firm

Brand – Morofeel

If you are someone who has a habit of sleeping on a hard mattress, then you will find the mattress useful

However, If you like to sleep on a soft mattress, then just do not go for this mattress, you will have a hard time sleeping on it

After doing some research, I got to know that the mattress is not completely 2 inches, in-fact many people received, 1.5 or 1.3 inches thick

There are some good things about the mattress as well, the mattress is very lightweight, you can easily carry it in your car to wherever you go

It also comes with supportive foam construction to ensure, you get the proper back support, since it’s a firm mattress, it keeps your spine straight

Also, it’s a foldable mattress and you get 10 days replacement, in case you want to return the mattress

6. My recommendation

I will keep this short, I hope you have gone through the reviews because I have mentioned the cons, why the mattress may not be a right fit for you, okay let’s check the recommendation

1 – If you want a thick soft mattress under 2000 rs, then go with the first product, it’s 4 cm thick, very soft in firmness and comfortable to sleep, also comes at a very reasonable price

2 – if you want a lightweight travel-friendly mattress go with the 2nd product on my list, it’s lightweight, easily foldable, and thickness is as accurate as mentioned in the product description

The firmness of the mattress is on point as well, made up of high-quality foam, which keeps the mattress thickness the same and won’t let it sag over time