Top 5 Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Looking for a mattress under 1000 Rs, well it is hard to find a 5-star mattress at this price range

But after putting tons of research, I have finally come up with, 5 best mattresses under 1000 Rs. I can tell you these are best at this price range

Also, I have mentioned, the cons of the mattress, why you may not want to buy it, keeping the review as real as possible

1. Padam Shree Single Bed Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Size – Single

Comfort Layer Material – Memory foam

Brand – Padam Shree

Item Firmness – Medium

Construction Type – Foam Construction

This is a single bed mattress under 1000 Rs, in terms of comfort, it’s pretty good since it comes with medium firmness, you will find it good enough for a blissful sleep

If you have back pain, I won’t recommend this product, since the mattress is not made up of high-quality material, it may worsen your back pain over time

One thing I want to mention is that the mattress comes with a 10 days replacement warranty, so in case you don’t like the product, you can return it within 10 days

2. RJ Home Soft Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Size – king

Comfort Layer Material – Plush

Brand – Rj Home

Item Firmness – Soft

Construction Type – Cotton Mattress

If you are looking for a single bed mattress, this is not the one, it comes on a king size

In terms of comfort, I would give it 4 out of 5. It’s a very soft mattress since it is made up of cotton

And the good thing about the mattress is, the life span of this mattress seems quite promising, even though it comes just under 1000 Rs

In case you have back pain I won’t recommend this mattress, because soft mattresses are not really good for someone who is suffering from existing back pain

There is a little con of this mattress I would like to mention while comparing it to other memory foam mattresses

I find this mattress a little heavier, and it is because of the material that has been used in the mattress

However, it’s a space-friendly mattress you can roll it, and keep it on any corner of the house or inside a closet

Anyway the last thing I would say, if you are used to sleeping in soft mattresses, then this is the one you should go for, as long as you don’t have a back pain  

One more thing this mattress comes with 10 days of replacement, so in case you didn’t like the mattress, return it within 10 days

3. Morofeel Foldable Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Size – 75 x 32 x 2

Comfort Layer Material – Memory Foam

Brand – Morofeel

Item Firmness – Medium

Construction Type – Foam

It’s a single size mattress you can go for it if you have a single bed mattress bed

The brand claims it to be 2 inches thick however, after doing some research I got to know that, it is a little less than 2 inches, around 1.6 inch

If we talk about the comfort layer, it’s a memory foam mattress, so the firmness of the mattress is medium

However, I find the mattress a little harder than the standard memory foam mattress, which is good for the back, it keeps your spine straight while sleeping

But if you are someone who likes to sleep on a soft mattress then don’t go for it, you can go for the second product, it’s fairly soft

In case you want a medium-firm mattress, check the first product, firmness and durability of the 1st mattress is pretty much on point 

4. Atoot Fusion Single Bed Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Size – Single Bed

Comfort Layer Material – Plush

Brand – Atoot Fusion

Item Firmness – Soft

Construction Type – Plush

This is the mattress, I would have gotten for myself if I had to buy one, okay so from my side I would say,

If you like to sleep on a soft mattress, you can go for this one or the 2nd product. This does not make much difference, it is just I would personally prefer this one

This product and the 2nd product are made up of similar material, but compared to the 2nd mattress, this mattress is a little lighter, and I came to know about this from my research

However, one thing you should know before getting this gadda, after using it for a few months, it may shrink and become a little thinner

And remember, Gadda’s usually becomes firm after years of rough use, these are the things, I thought of sharing with you because it’s important to know before you get one of these

Coca Folding & Travelling Mattress Under 1000 Rs

Size – Single

Comfort Layer Material – Cotton

Brand – Coca

Item Firmness – Medium

Construction Type – Plush

The reason I added this product to the list is that it’s travel friendly and size is pretty compact and lightweight

If we talk about the comfort level, it’s kind of okay. The main problem you may face is the thickness of the mattress

I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday use, However, if you are a frequent traveler, it’s good to have a mattress

Because you can carry it anywhere you go since, it’s very lightweight, and it’s kind of comfortable, at least compared to sleeping on random stuff, hope you are getting the point

My Recommendation

I have to keep it short because it’s really hard to find a 5 start mattress at 1000 price range if you want something for everyday use

However I can tell you, these 5 mattresses are the best among all the mattresses you can find at this price range 

And out of those 5, I have picked these 3 mattresses for a different purpose, check it out

  1. So if you want a comfortable soft mattress go for the 2nd product on our list
  2. If you want a medium firm mattress go for the first product
  3. If you want a light weight travel friendly mattress go with the last product