Ultimate Mattress buying guide in India

I have crafted this mattress buying guide, keeping all the realistic points I needed in my mattress buying journey and the mistakes I made while picking one so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Okay! Enough talk let’s check out the detailed guide In case you want to know about the best mattress brands it’s here

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The Mattress Buying Guide

How to choose the best mattress in India? It is easy don’t worry I will make it even easier for you and real quick. so first thing first,

  • Mattress firmness

The most important thing about a mattress is the mattress firmness, and I don’t want you to mess up with this. Why it is so important? Because, in case you pick the wrong mattress firmness level you may struggle with back pain and uncomfortable nights, which you definitely do not want. Don’t worry I’m going to help you with picking the best mattress firmness level and with other important aspects as well, which brings me to the next point.

  • Identify your genuine requirement?

I know what are you thinking, you already know what you need, this is why you are here. But hey, even if you know what your exact requirements are, you would fall into an insane marketing trap with fake promises and tons of bias reviews. Therefore, after reading this article, make a clear and final checklist of the things you want in your mattress to avoid traps and appealing offers.

  • Know your mattress

Knowing your mattress is essential otherwise, it’s very easy for the reviewers to make us fool, they can write anything they want and you have no other option than believing it blindly, and fair enough we don’t have so much time to learn about it, therefore, in this article, I will keep things short and concise to make them digestible.

Alright! Now let’s check the most important part of this article

Understanding Mattress (Detailed Guide)

Your mattress is a blend of different technologies and materials, the more you know about it better you can identify it. So let’s begin with.

Mattress foam

There are different mattress foams out there and picking one can be little daunting, but I have created a graph for you which represents the date of most desirable foam among the users and also the most comfortable one let’s check the graph

Most preferable mattress foam in Indian (Buying Guide)

As you can see memory foam is the most preferable one among the consumers but each has its own Pros and Cons.



Pros Cons
Low Price No Pressure Relief
Durability Motion Transfer
Air Flow Not Recommend For Back Pain


Pros Cons
Affordable & More Durable May Retain Body Heat
Motion Isolation & Air Flow Can Product Odd Chemical Smell
Pain Relief, Hypoallergenic, Back Support Not Good For Infants

The Reason I’m not comparing other mattresses, because of uniqueness. Each mattress is serving a specific audience and tackling different aspects of comfortable sleep

the idea of the table was to show you the pros of memory foam and the graph already tells you the most preferable mattress foam among the consumers, and I would suggest you go with memory foam if it is compatible for you.

Mattress Firmness Level (Guide)

Mattress firmness is another important thing to consider all though, ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but remember it will decide the comfort level, thus choosing the wrong mattress feel can lead to back pain and uncomfortable nights,

we have three different firmness levels (soft, medium and firm) let’s discuss each briefly


#1 Soft mattress

– A soft mattress can cause some problems for back and stomach sleeper, a soft mattress is usually recommended when you having a bad experience with a standard mattress and have pre-existing back pain, but the soft mattress is good for side sleepers as they better cushion the shoulders and hips, they seem more comfortable and luxuries but soft mattress can actually cause back pain to those who are heavyweight and sleep on their stomach or back

Who is it for? – Soft mattress is for side slippers or people with no pre-existing back pain

Soft Mattress

Pros Cons
Good for side sleepers Bad for back & Stomach sleepers
Luxuries feel Not good for heavy weights
Very Cozy Non Motion isolation

My Verdicts

Okay! I’m going to suggest you something awesome, if you haven’t used a soft mattress yet, I would say just don’t buy one. Wondering why? Because we don’t need to, you can buy a mattress topper to add a soft 5-star hotel feel to your existing Mattress. The linen walls Soft Comfortable topper (Amazon) is a great option to add extra coziness to your mattress


#2 Medium Firm Mattress

If you do not know what is medium-firm mattress it is a 5 on the mattress firmness scale, this mattress responds quickly to pressure, and are less likely to have excessive sinking than a soft mattress, and are soft to touch

Who is it for? – A medium-firm mattress works well for lighter to moderate body weight, it allows you to sleep in any position supports and cushion as you move from your back to your side to your belly.

Medium Firm Mattress

Pros Cons
Softly cradle the body curves No Cons
Relatively soft Depends person to person
Enough firmness for Less Sinking NA
For people who are unsure about firmness level NA
Provides adequate support NA


My Verdicts

A medium-firm mattress is a great option for anyone, it provides you the adequate support, enough firmness to prevent an individual from sinking and it is also a very good option for combination sleepers you can find brands that offer motion isolation feature in a medium-firm mattress, again great for side sleepers or people who are unsure of what mattress firmness level is right for them. Wakefit orthopedic is a decent medium-firm mattress (Amazon) with memory foam it’s a win-win

#3Firm Mattress

I personally don’t prefer a firm mattress, Firm mattress is good for those who sleep on their back and stomach because they provide a more stable and even surface, there is a myth that a firm mattress is good for people with back pain however it’s not the case sometimes firm mattress can worsen the situation if the person has existing back problem like scoliosis and firm mattress can be really uncomfortable for side sleepers because they don’t adequately cushion the shoulders and hips.

Who is it for? – Regardless of your weight firm mattress can come in handy relatively for heavier bodyweight, well it does not give you movement flexibility like a medium-firm mattress however it does allows you to sleep comfortably on your back and stomach and research says medium-firm and firm mattresses tend to promote the natural curvature of the spine.

Firm Mattress
Pros Cons
Provide even surface Initially Not very comfortable
Put less stress on the muscle, veins & arteries Comfort depends on person to person
Less Sinking  NA
Prevent back Pain  NA
Provides adequate support  NA


My Verdicts

Well, a firm mattress is definitely not for side sleepers because it doesn’t cushion the shoulder and hips, I believe you already know enough about the firm mattress so let me recommend you something, the sleepyhead dual-sided (Amazon) is a decent mattress with a medium and firm feel, to change the feel from firm to medium flip the mattress that’s it, well the mattress is not comprised of modern technologies but enough comfortable to give you a good night sleep and of course very affordable also it will look really good in your bedroom but in case you have a good budget you can go for wake fit orthopedic mattress (Amazon) it’s my favorite mattress so far

Mattress Features (Guide)

Not all features are worth your time and money, but there are few very important features you should carefully check while buying a mattress Such as,

  • Posture Support
  • Motion Isolation
  • Air Circulation

Posture Support – Why Posture support is an important feature? Look if your mattress does not provide you adequate posture support you may experience back pain and poor posture in the future, a mattress with good posture support will promote healthy natural curvature of the spine and may prevent hunching while standing or sitting therefore, take posture support seriously do not sell your health short, It’s the biggest wealth if you know!

Motion Isolation – Not as important as posture support, but it can really come in handy for Couples especially, for those who wake up easily in response to movement, The motion isolation technology reduces the motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other, so that your partner can sleep peacefully and vice versa.

Air Circulation – Last but not least, one of the most important features, it helps you to sleep peacefully even on summer nights, prevent sweating, and keeps your mattress cool by circulating the airflow, for a peaceful good night sleep this amazing seasoning cannot be missed, so make sure your mattress is comprised of air circulation technology.

 Few Important Things

Return Policy – I want you to pay close attention to the return policy. Make sure the mattress brand has a solid return policy, in case there is a problem with your mattress at least you can replace it. Wakefit, sleepyhead & sleepy cat have a great return policy.

Warranty – Make sure the mattress comes with at least 10 years of warranty.

Customer Support – A brand with good customer support always comes in handy.

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a mattress, I would suggest go for wake fit orthopedic mattress. (Amazon)

These are the 5 Reasons why I choose wake fit orthopedic mattress.

100% Replacement – In case the mattress didn’t work well for you, you will get 100% replacement, so many brands promise it but when it actually comes to replacing the mattress it’s a headache and sometimes the company just deny to take the product back which is very unethical for me. But wake fit is a reputed brand and has been serving since 2017 with 76% of satisfied consumer rate and ever-growing since forever.

Versatility – You can use this mattress regardless of your age however please ensure Never ever use soft mattress for infants it increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) anyway this mattress is made of memory foam, offers you medium firmness and soft feel, the medium-firm level supports your spinal curve and soft feel gives you a cozy feel and a good night sleep

Important Features – Features like Air circulation, Posture support, cooling, and breathable fabric makes the mattress even more likable among the users

Customer Support – Now it’s not just about the mattress but the company as well it is the right of a consumer to receive good customer support and wake fit totally stands on the customer expectations, it provides you the fast and decent customer support you can chat or even call them.

My Verdicts – Well, I really liked the brand they keep things very simple the only con I could find is the claim orthopedic is an exaggeration, the wake fit orthopedic mattress (Amazon) is really on point provide you cool comfortable sleep but its kind of soft, not as firm as I thought but really good for people who like medium to soft mattresses.


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