Top 5 Manual Treadmill Under 5000 Rs | 2022

Looking for a manual treadmill under 5000? Let me tell you, at this price range 

It’s a little hard to find a first-hand treadmill Except you buy when there is an offering going on

Considering that, I have picked the top manual treadmills under 5000 or around this price range 

Where I’m also sharing the cons and the reasons why it is a good treadmill or not 

If you don’t want to pick the wrong treadmill make sure you check the review a little carefully 🙂 Now let’s check the first product 

1. Lifeline Fitness LT – 201 Manual Treadmill Under 5000 Rs

Manual Treadmill – No Electricity required 

Dimension – 137.2 X 63.5 X 27.9 

Item Weight – 34 KG

Warranty – 1 Year

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement 

Brand – Lifeline 

Cons – I’m not sure if 100 KG person can run on it, & Also I didn’t like Digital monitor

Durability – Lifeline brand got many treadmills with different models, the reason I pick this one is because

This treadmill is pretty durable compared to other treadmills, the material that is used in the frame is a heavy-duty steel 

Which is very durable and strong compare to general frame material, the benefit is while running or jogging

It should create less noise and should not be shaking if you are a little overweight 

Maximum Weight – The brand has claimed that this model can bear up to 100kg person

but they have not clearly mentioned running or walking

Because if max weight is 100 kg for walking then running only going to be 70 kg max

It cannot be the same, since running and walking puts different pressure on the treadmill

You need to keep that in mind while picking a treadmill for your home 

Two Level Inclination – In this treadmill you get 2 level inclination feature, which will increase the intensity of the workout, without you having to run 

Digital Monitor – Well it’s very small and I didn’t like the monitor, frankly speaking, they can do a better job building an attractive digital monitor

Wide Space – As I told you, this treadmill is pretty durable but along with that

You get a wide space to run or jog on, the belt is around 25 inches wide, and it’s more than enough

Even if you are a tall guy and heavyweight, the belt is wide enough for you to jog safely on it 

2. Lifeline Lysn5213 Manual Treadmill Under 5000 Rs

Manual Treadmill – No Electricity required 

Dimension – 137.2 X 61 X 12.9 

Item Weight – 45 KG

Warranty – Not Mentioned

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement 

Brand – Lifeline 

Cons – Slippery Surface is not good for the elderly and No warranty in the product I could not find so that’s a turning point for me! 

Let’s start with talking about durability – Well I believe this treadmill is as strong as the first one

The steel frame material promise longevity and even if someone like 80 plug kg run on the treadmill

It should be able to work smoothly without making noise and shaking 

However, if I talk about Warranty – The first treadmill is offering you 1 year of warranty but 

In this treadmill there is no warranty unlike the first one, as much I could find

This makes me rethink about considering this treadmill, however, you do get a 10 days replacement

Maximum Weight – Just like the first treadmill this treadmill is offering you a maximum of 100kg of weight 

But again I’m not sure if the brand is talking about running or jogging

Since both running and walking put different types of pressure on the treadmill 

Assembly – While doing my research I found out that, installation of this treadmill is not easy

The bolts that you receive in the package are not easy to assemble

but it’s not rocket science, you can probably do it, just going to take some time to do it on your own 

Slippery Surface – Just like the first treadmill you do get a wide space to run on

However, in my research, I find out that, the treadmill is a little slippery than usual

So, if you are buying this for someone elderly like your grandfather or father, I would advise you to go with the first treadmill 

Because I believe the material that is used in the first treadmill belt is not slippery like this product

3. Vk Navya Fitness Manual Treadmill Under 5000 Rs

Manual Treadmill – No Electricity required 

Dimension – 117 X 60 X 20 

Item Weight – 14 KG

Warranty – Not Mentioned

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement 

Brand – Generic 

Cons – Only 20 inches Wide, Not comfortable for a tall and heavy person also Item durability is a question

This is the third manual treadmill on our list let’s start with Durability – After spending a lot of time and doing some research I can tell you 

This treadmill body is not that strong compared to the first and the second product

Also, this treadmill only weighs 14 Kg which means the material that is used for the frame is not heavy steel

I think if you use this treadmill every day for running, soon you will experience noise in the treadmill and also it may start shaking while you running on it

Treadmill Belt Size – The belt of this treadmill is not as wide as the first and the second treadmill

It is just 20 inches wide, which means if you are a tall guy and a little heavyweight 

You may not find it comfortable to run on it, as far as walking, I’m not sure about that as well

However, if you are around 5.10 inches tall, I believe it should work fine as long as you are not heavyweight 

My View – Clearly the 2nd and the 1st treadmill is better than this one, So I will say if you are looking for a manual treadmill go with the first treadmill. 

4. Lifeline Fitness Exercise Manual Treadmill Under 5000 Rs

Manual Treadmill – No Electricity required 

Dimension – Not Clearly Mentioned 

Item Weight – Not Clearly Mentioned

Warranty – N/A

Replacement – 10 Days Replacement

Brand – Lifeline 

Cons – Missing Information

I’m not sure why so much information is missing from the product description

And while some of them are important information for users

Anyway let’s start with some of the features of this treadmill

Maximum weight capacity – The brand had claimed that this treadmill can bear up to 100 kg user, however, I’m not sure since they have not mentioned the correct information

Foldable Treadmill – One good thing about this treadmill is, it comes with a foldable feature

In case you have space issue in your home, then this treadmill should come in pretty handy

You should be able to keep it in a compact space 

My View – I would say, this treadmill is good since you also getting a good foldable feature

However, the reason I’m discouraging you to buy this treadmill is that the missing information

The brand has not yet clearly mentioned the dimension, Item weight, and warranty 

Otherwise, it’s a good treadmill under 5000 rs however, the main price is more than 5k 

But while there is an offer, you should be able to get it for 5000, since the main price is low

5. My Recommendation

After going through all the treadmills at this price range, I can tell you

The first treadmill on our list is the only one that is worth the money, let me share a few reasons

1. Durability – Compared to all other 4 treadmills this treadmill has a solid and strong body, and a promising steel frame

Which will allow you to run and walk comfortably without the treadmill making any noise and shaking

2. Warranty – That treadmill comes with a 1-year warranty whereas the 2nd treadmill happened to be the second-best 

but doesn’t have any warranty to offer you, that is why the first treadmill is the best at this price range 

3. Wide Belt –  This treadmill is offering you a 25-inch wide belt

Since it’s pretty wide You should be able to walk and run comfortably 

And even if you are tall and heavyweight you should not have any trouble walking or running, since it has a heavy metal frame 

However, 3rd and the 4th product does not offer you a wide running space and heavy still which will cause noise 

And tremble while running unlike the 1st & 2nd treadmill which has a pretty wide belt and no noise and shaking

But among all of them, I think the first treadmill is better because it also covers a 1-year warranty along with all the similar or better features!