Is Patanjali shampoo good for hair

Patanjali Ayurveda is an Indian company established in 2006 by Acharya Balkrishna and Baba Ramdev

It is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India because of its affordability and easy availability across the country now as we know a bit about Patanjali company

Let’s find out is Patanjali shampoo good if yes, what are the benefits of using Patanjali shampoos

Is Patanjali Shampoo Good

Patanjali shampoo is 100% organic herbal shampoo that strengthens your hair follicles and adds shine to your hairs

It reduces dandruff and prevents hair fall also removes dryness from your hair. It provides necessary nutrients to your hair and makes it healthy and strong

Few more reasons why Patanjali shampoos are considered as good shampoos for your hair

  • Patanjali shampoos are Chemical- free
  • It Contains 100% organic ingredients
  • It Provide hair essential nutrients
  • Patanjali shampoos are FMCG approved and clinically tested so it is 100% safe
  • Patanjali shampoo contains harmless preservatives

How do you Pick the best one

Before you pick the Patanjali shampoo you should clearly know what problems you want to cure is it hair fall, dandruff or damage scalp knowing your problem is not enough but essential

After recognizing your problem you should be aware of your skin type as well, so that after using Patanjali shampoo it does not snag

After acknowledging your hair problem and scalp type you would be able to pick the right Patanjali shampoo for your hair 

Top 3 Best Patanjali shampoo for your hair type

S.No. Patanjali Shampoo Products
1 Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo for hair fall and itchiness
2 Patanjali Aloe vera shampoo for oily scalp and stinky smell
3 Patanjali Shikakai Shampoo for dry hair

Myths About Patanjali shampoo

Many of us think that Patanjali shampoo is not good for our hair, it causes dryness and hair fall which is totally a myth

Patanjali shampoo does not cause hair fall, dryness and so on so forth Patanjali products are FMCG approved and clinically tested

In research, we have found that Patanjali products has 59.9% customer satisfaction ratings

Then Why People experience hair damage and so on

It is due to picking the wrong product and not exactly being aware of their problem, for example, if you have a very dry scalp and you decided to pick Patanjali aloe Vera shampoo

Then you will definitely have a bad experience with Patanjali shampoo so it is very crucial to pick the best product that suits your scalp type

And your problem, therefore, check the reviews carefully before you decide to pick one and always make sure you do a pilot test before you use a huge amount of it

Are they organic

The increasing health problem day by day associate to traditional products compelling consumers to shift towards the organic product

Which is much safer as far as Patanjali shampoo yes, they do contain herbs and all organic ingredients as they promise however they also contain preservatives

So you might wonder how it’s still organic

Organic it is because preservatives are not harmful chemical and all majority of companies has preservatives in their products to keep the product fresh for a longer period

US FDA has found preservation techniques we currently use are safe for most individuals so there is nothing to be afraid of it

As far a shampoo that does not contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) can be considered as an organic shampoo which is 100% safe for your scalp

And the majority of Patanjali shampoo is SLS free that keeps your scalp safe from harmful chemical

Patanjali shampoos are made up of natural ingredients like

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the itchiness of your scalp and flaking skin under your hair this both problems can be treated with aloe where it also balances the sebum oil of your hair however if you have a dry scalp aloe Vera shampoo may damage your hair further
  • Brahmi – Brahmi is another great organic ingredients for your hair it treats the damaged scalp and helps it to recover faster treats split ends as well this is why you should definitely include Brahmi in your hair routine you can use Patanjali shampoo that contains Brahmi extract or you can massage the scalp with Brahmi oil it has a great soothing effect on your scalp Reetha
  • Tulsi – Tulsi is a great herb in treating hair fall and premature greying of hair tulsi strengthen your hair follicles and makes your roots stronger that is why you see less hair falls and Patanjali shampoo has tulsi extract which helps you to combat hair fall, premature greying of hair it also reduces the itchiness and dryness of your hair along balancing the moisture of your scalp this is why Patanjali shampoos are good for hair
  • Amla – Alma has antioxidants that protect your hair from various hair damages, caused due to pollution, smoke and hair styling tools amla juice also cleanses the scalp and nourishes your scalp which makes the hair shiny you should definitely include amla in your hair care routine
  • Bhringraj – When it comes to bhringraj oil it helps in maintaining the natural color of your hair. You can mix some amla oil with Bhringraj oil this helps in preventing premature graying of hair you can also massage your scalp with Bhringraj oil or you can consider using Patanjali shampoo that contains Bhringraj
  • Shikakai and Amla – the combination of Shikhakai and amla plays an important role in healing wounds and Patanjali shampoo contains both ingredients Shikhakai also cleanses your scalp without affecting your hair oil which keeps your hair damage-free

What does it cure

Patanjali shampoo treats the most common hair problem like dandruff, itchy scalp and hair fall it also provides your scalp additional benefits like strong follicles, healthy scalp

The common cause of dandruff is due to over washing or using traditional shampoos that strip away your hair’s natural oils called sebum which leads to  dandruff

Also, using alcohol-based styling products can cause dandruff. Dandruff and an inflammatory skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis are the most common reason of an itchy scalp

Patanjali shampoo contains aloe Vera extract which reduces the itchiness of your scalp and flaking skin under your hair

Should you use it?

If you are facing problems like hair fall, dandruff, an itchy scalp and so on, you can consider using Patanjali shampoo regardless of any age group

And gender Patanjali shampoo can be used by both men and women and teens as well to treat their hair problems

My Verdicts – is patanjali shampoo good

I would say yes Patanjali shampoo is good for your hair because it is chemical free except few preservatives and artificial fragrance

Which seems like a lot of chemical for us, but no it does not contain harsh chemicals like SLS you can find in all other brands, however,

If you really have some trouble using Patanjali shampoo you can go for Biotique shampoo they are 100% organic too and a very reliable brand