Top 5 Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs

Looking for a hairdryer under 500? I was too a few months back, luckily I picked a good hairdryer

because of the intensive research I was putting in, to find a hairdryer. And this article is exactly going to help you to pick the best hairdryer under 500 you can also jump directly to my recommendation  

List of 5 Best Hair Dryer Under 500 Rs

Hair Dryer


Cord Length


Nova NHP Hair Dryer Under 500




Chaoba 2000 Watts Hair Dryer Under 500




R Runilex Professional Hair Dryer Under 500




Jecrina Hair Dryer Under 500




My Hair Dryer Recommendation Under 200 Rs



1. Nova NHP Hair Dryer Under 500

  • 1200 watts
  • 2 heat setting
  • Cool air feature
  • Overheating Protection
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Cord length – 1.2m
  • Foldable handle
  • 1 Year brand warranty

My Verdicts – No doubt features are amazing, like the overheat protection but the funny part is, this hair dryer does not even deliver high pressure air

So the heat protection isn’t required for this case, anyway you get the 1.2m length cord, which gives you the flexibility to use the hair dryer comfortably 

However, I see that the plastic which has been used is low grade, so it quickly gets heat up and you won’t be able to use for more than 5 to 10 minutes straight

You have to take little breaks and let it cool down, so this is a downside of getting this hair dryer I would say, but again hair dryer under 500 Rs, 

You cannot expect the premium quality right? So I would say, it’s a good hair dryer but not best you can check my recommendation here


Watts – 1200

Cord Length – 1.2m

Head Setting – Two

2. Chaoba 2000 Watts Hair Dryer Under 500

  • 2000 watts
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Hot and cold
  • Cold nozzle
  • 3 heat setting
  • 2 speed setting
  • Cord length 2m
  • Rubber cable protector for durable cable

My Verdicts (Very Important) – Hair dryers get crazy sometimes, especially when you buy a cheaper one

I don’t want to convience you to buy this hair dryer or any of it, but you need to know this, a dryer can stop working on anytime, if it’s under 1000 Rs

So you better get something with warranty, if you don’t want to deal with this type of mess and for that, I have got a very good hair dryer for you, its Havells Men’s hair dryer its comes around 1000 Rs, but this is the best I could find at a low price and women can use it as well, However they name it only for men, but I don’t see any problem with women using this

Drying power –  4.4

Temperature control – 4.2

Thickness – 4.1

Warmth – 4.1

Sheerness – 3.9

Value for money -3.9

The Final Thought – If you have budget issue, and you are ready to take the risk of buying a hair dryer with no warranty 

and you want something under 500, that is more reliable than any other hair dryer at 500 range, than this is the only hair dryer I could find, after putting the days and days of research 


Watts – 2000

Cord Length – 2m

Speed Setting – Two

3. Runilex Professional Hair Dryer Under 500

  • 1800 watts
  • Hot and cold air
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • 3 heat setting
  • 2 speed setting
  • Cord length – 1m long
  • Special rubber cable protector

My Verdicts – To pick the best hair dryer, I want you to read the review 2 and my recommendation carefully, Review 2 is here and you can check the recommendation here 

Watts – 1800

Cord Length – 1m

Speed Setting – Two

4. Jecrina Hair Dryer Under 500

  • 1000 watts
  • 3 speed setting
  • Do not use a hair dryer near the bathtub
  • Keep your hands dry
  • Light weight
  • Cord length – medium

My Verdicts – Well, this hair dryer is good for kids, as it comes with very low pressure air, it won’t be very helpful for grown-ups

As it would take a lot of time to dry you hair, this is why I don’t recommend this hair dryer to adults but you can definitely use it for kids  


Watts – 1000

Cord Length – Medium

Speed Setting – Three



So which hair dryer is best?

I would say go for CHAOBA hairdryer without having a second thought 

Why I’m so confident about this hairdryer?

Because I have been using chaoba brand hair dryer for a year now, I’m not saying I have used this exact product but yes I’m still using the chaoba hairdryer 

and it’s working decent, you know when you hold a hairdryer you can say if its cheap quality or good because the cheap hair dryers 

are often very lightweight and comes with low-quality cable, but the choice hair dryers are reliable and worth the money

Things I liked about this hairdryer  

  • 2000 watts power, means fast drying
  • Hot and Cold air
  • Patented heat shielding technology
  • Cold nozzle even after long usage
  • Three Heat Setting and Two Speed Setting

Let’s talk about some of the features briefly?

Watts – One of the most important things about a hairdryer, its power, and this hair dryer comes with 2000 watts which is more than enough for personal use, even if you have very thick hair you can dry it up easily with the high-speed setting

Hairdryer cord – Most of the hairdryer at 500 to 700 price range comes with an average quality cord, they are good enough but this hair dryer comes with a rubber cable protector for better durability you can expect it to last comparatively more than other hair dryers

Length – Dryer cord length is 2m, which is around 6 feet long, so basically you can use this hair dryer comfortably

Air technology – Okay this hair dryer comes with both cold and hot air, the best part is the brand claims to have heat protection technology which is good for your hair but I would still recommend don’t go overboard, let your hair cool down, and then heat it again do not heat it for straight 5 minutes

Speed setting – It comes with a two-speed setting, high and low you miss the medium range but hey at this price range what we can wish more right, and it also comes with 3 heat settings, hot, medium, and cool shot  

My final word–  I will repeat the same stuff if you can spend a little more, just go with havells men’s hairdryer

it will cost you around 1000 Rs but at least it comes with 2 years warranty and the hairdryer is much more reliable than any other hairdryer

But again if you are ready for the risk, no doubt, chaoba hairdryer is, THE Best with no second thought at this 500 price range, this is what I recommend for the risk-takers

Note:: Don’t use Heat Mode for more than 3-5 mins at one go, let the hairdryer cool down, and then you can restart.


Cord length: 2m


Long life

Special Rubber Cable protector for durable cable

Overheat protection


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