5 Best Hair Dryer Under 1000 Rs

If you are looking for a hairdryer under 1000, you already know there are tons of options to confuse you, but don’t worry

I have done the homework for you after tons of research and analysis, I finally came across 5 decent hairdryer

which are under 1000 Rs and hey do check out my personal recommendation, It’s pretty detailed and comprehensive

List of Best Hairdryer Under 1000 Rs in India


Hair Dryer


Cord Length


Philips hair dryer under 1000 in India


1.5 meter


Panasonic 1k watts hair dryer under 1000


1.8 meter


Havells Ionic care hairdryer under 1000 Rs


1.6 meter


Vega Insta glam hairdryer under 1000 Rs




My Hair Dryer Recommendation


1.6 meter




1. Philips hair dryer under 1000 in India

  • Watts – 1200
  • Cord Length – 1.5 meter
  • Cool Shot – Yes
  • Heat Setting – 3
  • Hair Dryer Size – Medium
  • Light weight – Yes
  • Travel Friendly – Yes foldable handle


  • 2 pin power cable, generally 3 pin are better to have
  • You get 7 days replacement but no long term warranty
  • The cool shot air pressure seems to be little low  

My Verdicts – This Philips hairdryer is what I recommend generally, but not in this case because I have a better option for you. It’s havells hairdryer

The reason I said it’s a better option because this both hairdryer comes around the same price

but the havells hairdryer has 1500 watts whereas Philips dryer has only 1200 watts

Both hairdryers are very durable but the Philips hair dryer offers you a 1-year warranty whereas the havells offers you 2 years of warranty

If we talk about the overall performance, the havells hairdryer outweighs the Philips hair dryer with no brainer.

you can clearly compare the features and the material that has been used

Havells is a clear winner and comes with a better body material as well, which promises the longevity

Of the hairdryer in comparison to any other hairdryer at 1000rs price range, you can check the havells hairdryer full review here




2. Panasonic 1k watts hair dryer under 1000

  • Watts – 1000
  • Cord Length – 1.8 meter
  • Cool Shot – No
  • Heat Setting – 2
  • Hair Dryer Size – Portable
  • Travel Friendly – Yes but not foldable handle
  • Light weight – Yes


  • The hair dryer is small in size but you don’t get a foldable handle which makes it less portable and travel friendly
  • And you do not get cool shot in this hair dryer
  • Also air flow is very low even in high speed

My Verdicts – The reason this hairdryer is on our list is because of its affordability and durability, so in case you are looking for a hairdryer that comes way below 1000 Rs but also has good durability

Then this is the hairdryer you might want to check out, but remember as I mentioned above there are few cons of getting this hairdryer

  1. In spite of its small size, it’s not that portable because it comes with a fixed handle, I’m sure you get the idea that it’s not going to be an easy backpack

  2. If you are looking for a cool shot then just avoid buying this hair dryer, you won’t get it

  3. No doubt, it’s a very durable hairdryer, and it’s really affordable which justifies the features it has to offer but there is a major problem with this hairdryer, the airflow is not on point, it’s kind of low to get your hairs dry




3. Havells Ionic care hair dryer under 1000 Rs

  • Watts – 1500
  • Cord Length – 1.6 meter
  • Cool Shot – Yes
  • Ionic Care – For frizz free blow dry
  • Heat Setting – 3
  • Hair Dryer Size – Medium around (8 inches x 8 inches)
  • Light weight – Yes
  • Travel Friendly – Yes foldable handle
  • Warranty – 2 years

Cons – Hair dryer makes little bit of noise

My Verdicts – Okay, this hairdryer is so far the best option you can find online at 1000 Rs price range, the number one reason

Durability – When you hold the hairdryer, you get the vibes that it’s going to last long or not any good hairdryer has one thing very similar, it feels sturdy and a little heavy 

Which is a sign of good durability and this hairdryer is not just durable you also get 2 years of warranty so that you can be on a very safe side

I encourage you to check the recommendation out. It’s detailed and there are things you need to know about this hairdryer, check it out 




4. Vega Insta glam hair dryer under 1000 Rs

  • Watts – 1000
  • Cord Length – Medium
  • Cool Shot – No
  • Heat Setting – 2
  • Hair Dryer Size – Small & Portable
  • Light weight – Yes
  • Travel Friendly – Yes foldable handle


  • You don’t get cool shot with this hair dryer
  • Air pressure is low as well just like the product two
  • Quality of the hair dryer seems to be average

My Verdicts – This is the 4th option we have on our list, this hairdryer is very similar to the 2nd option I reviewed

So I’m not going to dive deep into this product You can check the cons

And you will exactly get the Idea, how useful this product is going to be, however I do encourage you to check my personal recommendation, and why I’m recommending that product check it out here 

My Recommendation

Havells Hair Dryer

Why did I pick this hairdryer over 100’s of options?

There are plenty of reasons but let’s start with the most important one Durability and warranty of the hairdryer

If you look at the body, it’s pretty sturdy, made up of high-quality material, which means you can expect this hair dryer to last very long

And even if you drop it accidentally, you can still expect it to work fine, but I suggest you, be careful and do not drop it

With that being said, you also get a warranty of 2 years and the reason why the brand is so confident to offer you 2 years of warranty

Because they know how much quality they are offering, I would say it’s one of the most durable hairdryers you can find in the 1000 price range

Let’s check out some important features of this hairdryer

Cool shot & Watts – If we talk about the watts, you are getting 1500 watts which are enough to quickly dryer your hair even if you have a thick hair

And you also get a cool shot, the good thing about the cool shot with this hairdryer is, it through enough cool pressure air, which will fix your hairstyle quickly compare to other hair dryers at this price range

Heat setting – With this hair dryer you get 3 heat setting and a 2-speed setting

Hot – You can use the hot air with full speed or low because the hairdryer only offers you 2 speed setting the medium speed setting is missing

Warm – it’s the same with the warm option you can use it on high speed or low no medium speed is available

Cool – With cool shot we mostly don’t need low or medium speed setting, all we need is a high speed and you will get that with this hairdryer

Final view If you are about to get a hairdryer, then I would say go for this havells hairdryer because it offers you 2 years of warranty with all the premium feature you can wish for

And the best part is, the hairdryer body is pretty sturdy you can expect it last really long and if you ask me about the cord quality

I would say both length and quality is on point compared to other hairdryers at this price range, so yeah, I would say you can go for this havells hairdryer 


Watts – 1500

Cord Length – 1.6 meter

Cool Shot – Yes

Ionic Care – For frizz-free blow-dry

Heat Setting – 3

Hair Dryer Size – Medium around (8 inches x 8 inches)

Lightweight – Yes

Travel Friendly – Yes foldable handle

Warranty – 2 years

Cons – Hairdryer makes a little bit of noise