3 Best [ Floor Mattress ] in India

If a floor mattress is not easy to use, and space-efficient. I don’t think it should be considered as a floor mattress

keeping these points in mind, I have come up with the top 3-floor mattress in India with a very affordable price, you can also jump directly to my personal recommendation 


Floor Mattress In India


1. Coiron Floor Mattress In India

  • Light weight easy to carry along
  • Easy to use and Comfortable
  • Space efficient


  • Must be used gently for better durability

Mattress Comfort on the floor – Mattress weight is only 450 grams which means it’s very lightweight and you can easily move the mattress around the house

Even, that provides you optimum back support while you are sleeping, the good things about the medium-firm mattress is they are ideal for most of us its neither too hard nor soft, it’s pretty comfortable, so I would give 7.5 out of 10 on the comfort level

Easy To Use – With other mattresses, you might have noticed it gets really hustle to fold and actually put it in a wardrobe because of its folding nature and weight, you need some real strength to do so

but not with this mattress. Since it’s a single mattress with 3 fold feature you can easily store it in a medium-size wardrobe because of its lightweight feature you can pull and drag it with ease, that’s what makes this mattress very easy to use

Downside – I won’t call it a downside it wouldn’t be fair but it could turn into a con if the precaution is not taken earlier. Since the mattress is comprised of PU foam

The mattress support is a question that comes in our mind, well you should know, mattresses that are made up of PU foam absorb water very easily and gradually falls apart and start losing their quality of support so make sure mattress does not come in water contact


Color – Maroon

Product Dimensions – 182.88 x 76.2 x 7.62 cm

Weight – 450 grams

Foam – PU Foam

Capacity – Single




2. Takiyawala Floor Mattress in India

  • 100% made up of cotton
  • Very soft and cozy
  • Light weight and space efficient


  • Not good for back support

Mattress Comfort on the floor– The mattress is pretty light which makes the all-moving thing very easy for you, and if you are a constant traveler you can carry the mattress wherever you would go since the mattress is small it’s kind of space-efficient.

In case you own a small wardrobe you can still store the mattress by just folding it or rolling them into tubes shape, quite a space efficient I would say

Mattress Material–The mattress is made up of 100% cotton, so you can guarantee comfort, so here are few benefits of cotton mattresses I would like to share

  • The cotton mattresses are softer than foam or sponge mattress so you can expect a warm cozy sleep
  • Cotton is organic so you can expect it to be allergic free
  • Cotton mattress circulate the air through the mattress which keeps you cool all night so you can expect to have a premium feel while sleeping

A few things you should know about this mattress

  • Cotton mattresses are not free from dust-mites so I would recommend you always use a cover to keep the mattress clean and dust-free
  • The cotton mattresses are not very good for your back support as they are soft in nature you cannot expect them to provide your back optimum support. However, at first cotton mattresses are a little firm but over the course of time they get softer, so I would not recommend a cotton mattress if you are suffering from any back pain or back problem
  • Last but not least cotton mattress is less durable compare to a standard
  • mattress


Product Dimensions – 182.88 x 91.44 x 7.62 cm

Weight – 1.9 Kilograms

Construction – Cotton

Capacity – Double

10 days replacement


Floor Mattress In India


3. Springtek Floor Mattress in India

  • Comfortable – Extra plush material
  • Lightweight
  • Medium Firmness


  • Not suitable for summer use
  • Not very space-efficient

Springtek is not a new company, they know exactly what you need they have been working in the mattress industry since 2011, very experienced!

They have sold over 2 million mattresses in India with a decent positive feedback, now let’s come to the point how good springtek floor mattresses are?

Mattress Comfort on the floor It’s a light weight mattress so you can easily move it from one place to another and use on the floor

Some of use like to carry their mattress when they travel and if you can resonate, I would say this mattress is for you the light weight feature makes it easy to carry anywhere you want

For Sleep Purpose – The mattress comes with a medium firm layer, not very soft neither very hard it’s a mixture of both which helps you to sleep comfortably and another benefit of medium firmness is you get the optimum

Back support, most of our foldable or floor mattress are not designed to give your back optimum support therefore we sometimes wake up with sore back but this mattress can fix that problem.

Material – It’s a sponge mattress and made up of  A+ grade quality however Sponge mattress are not very durable

So you have to take care of how roughly you use it, if you want the mattress to last long make sure you use it as gently as possible

Downside – Since the mattress is comprised of sponge material, in summer the surface of the mattress may get hot

So put a cotton bed sheet over the mattress to balance the temperature, also make sure you use a mattress cover otherwise the mattress might dirty easily


Warranty – 1 year

Dimension – 1.83 x 91.44 cm x 10.16 cm

Weight – 7 kilograms

10 Days Replacement

My Recommendation

Why I choose this mattress? Well, there are many reasons, but let’s start with the most important one.

 Easy to use, Space-efficient and lightweight

As I have said in the intro if a mattress is not easy to use, lightweight, and space-efficient. It cannot be considered as a floor mattress

And this mattress exactly comes with all those 3 features, its lightweight, space-efficient, and very easy to use, the Coiron floor mattress is kind of an ideal mattress for most of us.

The mattress is just 3 kilograms in weight which makes the mattress very easy to carry wherever you go

Small Dimension 182.88 x 76.2 x 7.62 and 3 folds feature makes the mattress even more likable among the users because it makes the mattress very space-efficient and you can store and drag the mattress with ease

You must know this! Other mattresses are not that easy to fold or store due to their size or weight you need some real strength to drag and roll the mattress which is very tiring

You don’t want to deal with exhaustion right after waking up in the morning, this is why you should consider this lightweight space-efficient coiron mattress if you are looking for a floor mattress

If we talk about the Price, other mattresses are relatively pricy compare to this mattress you can get this mattress just under 2500 INR, Look the price might fluctuate but the idea here is to get the best floor mattress at a very affordable price

I have also discussed the comfort level of this mattress, since the mattress comes with the medium-firm level, it can be used by any age group, because it’s neither too soft nor hard Ideal and cozy for most of us

In case you are looking for easy to use floor mattress, which is very space-efficient and gives you optimum back support.

Go for this iron floor mattress but make sure you keep the mattress away from water. Since, the mattress absorbs water and lose their quality of support, besides that the mattress is worth the money for a single person


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