5 Best [ Corded and Cordless Trimmer ] in India

Looking for the best corded and cordless trimmer? A few months back I was too, finally I’ve picked the 5 best corded and cordless trimmer

That comes at a low price but also deliver top notch performance, these 5 corded and cordless trimmers are so far the best trimmers you can find online in India 

It took me hours of research to find these amazing trimmers, you can check my personal recommendation here


corded and cordless trimmer in India


1. Vega Beard Corded and Cordless Trimmer in India

  • Corded & cordless Trimmer
  • Corrosion-Free & Self-Sharpening Skin-Friendly Stainless-Steel Blades
  • USB Charging led Display Indicator.
  • Lightweight, & Travel Friendly
  • Easy Rotating Slider 20 Adjustable Length Settings
  • Travel Lock & Detachable Comb/Head For Easy Cleaning.
  • 90 Mins Of Charging Time On A Single Charge Gives 90 Minutes Of Run Time Of Cordless Use.


  • Fragile Body & Body Is Not Waterproof

User Review – What I like about this trimmer is that it can be used both corded and cordless, 

this feature is really important for me, as I have to leave for office early every morning

even if I forget to charge the trimmer at night, I can always use it
with corded feature 

if you guys can relate with me this is the trimmer for you, the blades are good enough to give you a decent trim

also comes with 90 mints
of cordless use, the best part it only takes 90 minutes to get fully charged 

what you could wish for more right? It so far the most reliable trimmer I got  


Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer


2. Best MI corded and Cordless Trimmer

  • Corded & cordless Trimmer
  • Quick Charge Above An Hour Of Cordless Use.
  • Quick Charge Above An Hour Of Cordless Use.
  • 60 Mints Of Cordless Use 2 Hours Of Charging


  • Blades Heats Up Within a Few Minutes of Use
  • After A Month of Working Well, It Turns Out To Be A Little Bit Noisy

User Review – The only reason I got this trimmer because I can use the trimmer while charging

the both corded and cordless feature is amazing, what interesting about this trimmer is

It comes with fast charging and delivers around 60 minutes of cordless use 

60 minutes is already enough for me to get a decent trim, heck I use it for 2 to 4 times in one charge

but the cordless feature just allows me to forget about charging the trimmer 

and one thing I would really like to mention, the trimmer is completely travel friendly 

comes with travel lock, its light weight compact, and USB charging option available. 

It’s one of the best corded and cordless trimmer I have found so far  


Corded and cordless trimmer


3. Panasonic New Corded and Cordless Trimmer

  • Quick adjust dial for easy length setting:
  • 12 settings From 0.2-1.8 cm.
  • Japanese Blade Technology: precision cutting.
  • Washable Detachable blade
  • 40 minutes of cordless usage.
  • not USB charger so you are bound to use its charger only.


  • 10 hours of charging.

User Review- The black design and unique style of the trimmer, caught my eye, and if we talk about the features they are on point as well

the quick adjust dial make the whole length setting game easy for me

and for your information the trimmer takes up to 10 hours to get fully charged

but nevertheless it delivers 40 minutes of cordless use, which is enough to get two decent trim in one charge

and you got the corded feature anyway. So it’s a win-win in both cases, really happy about getting the trimmer, totally recommended.



corded and cordless trimmer


4. Syska Advance corded and cordless trimmer

  • 60 minutes of cordless use with 2 hours charging.
  • 10 lock-in length settings, 1- 10mm with 0.5mm precision with 3 changeable attachments
  • self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • light weight compact design makes it travel friendly
  • Charging indicator when its charging and when it is fully charged
  • USB option but not micro usb
  • Nose and ear hair grooming


  • No Cons Found

User Review- So far liking the trimmer, I would say it’s one the best trimmer I have come across

why I’m saying this? First of all, the trimmer gives you a decent trim, the blades are on point as well 

and comes with 3 different changeable attachments, you can trim your facial hair to nose and ears hairs

which makes the trimmer wholesome and out of the box, last but not least the trimmer comes with both corded and cordless use

and if we talk about the cordless use it gives you around 60 minutes of runtime with just 2 hours of charging

I can argue that, this trimmer is one of the best trimmer you can find at such an affordable price, 101 percent recommended.





5.Wahl Professional Corded Clipper

  • Only Corded Feature
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Chrome-plated precision blade set
  • Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper and texture without changing blades 1-3.5Mm
  • Thumb Lever
  • Downside is the largest comb is 5mm, which is good for a crew cut. If you want to keep longer hair, you need to get larger size combs


  • Lot of vibration 

User Review- I liked the clipper because it can do both hair cutting and beard trimming, however not being able to use it while charging could be a drawback but totally understandable

It’s hard to run such a powerful trimmer with battery and even if you do it may not go more than 4 minutes, this clipper is really power full and can do the cutting job really well

It comes with the thumb lever from where you can adjust the length setting, and the best part is you don’t need any comb to set the length 

only because of the thumb lever, just plug it, set the lever and you are good to go for a decent trim or a hair cut

My Personal Recommendation


After going through the reviews, you must be confused about which one to pick right? 

Go for MI fast charging corded and cordless trimmer!

Why in this earth I’m recommending this one trimmer out of 100’s of options, very simple, it comes with corded and cordless feature! Great but so do others right?

Yeah other trimmers comes with the same feature as well, but hey not fast charging, not 10k plus of satisfied customers, not all good features that makes the trimmer stand out

The cordless feature is great when it comes with fast charging otherwise it just like standard trimmers you can always use it corded

The trimmer blades are on point as well, comes with self-sharpening feature that keeps the blade rust free and long lasting.

The only downside it has that, the blades get hot while using it but these is rare when you using it for hours, and we all know that a trimming doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

So with that all being said, I would conclude that this is by far, like by far one of the best corded and cordless trimmer you can find online in India,

The 10k plus satisfied customers are living example, you can check the MI fast charging corded and cordless trimmer here


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