3 Best [ Cooling Mattress ] in India

Looking for the best cooling mattress? I got your back, after putting in all extensive research and hard work I manage to pullout top 5 best cooling mattress out of these gigantic options across the internet, hope this will help.

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Best Cooling Mattress in India

  • The Sleep Company Cooling Mattress
  • Usha Ortho Sense Cooling Mattress
  • Sleepycat Original Cooling Mattress
  • Sleepycat Plus Cooling Mattress
  • Sleepyhead Sense Cooling Mattress

1. The Sleep Company

Cooling Mattress India

The sleep company brand is comparatively new, and the brand has been using smart grid technology in their mattresses, if you check their customer satisfaction rate they are doing quite decent, which makes the brand worth trying.

Mattress coolness

The sleep well mattress comes with 2500+ air channels, the air channels are basically designed to add bounciness to your mattress. However, it also helps to circulate the temperature most of the mattresses are not able to let go of the trapped heat, which is why we sweat during the night. With this mattress, you can expect a cool peaceful night sleep as it reduces stress and sweat patches even on those hot summer nights

Back Support

The mattress is comprised of grid technology, it adapts to your body shape and gives you Ultimate Plush Comfort, relieving pain and ensuring that your body is relieved of stress at the most common stress-inducing parts, like your back, shoulders, spine, and hips. The smart grid technology keeps your posture in the right form the mattress is really good for back support, undoubtedly. However, relatively uncomfortable for sitting, you start sinking in which could be an issue for baby boomers

Motion Isolation

This feature comes in really handy, if you are very sensitive to movements and always found yourself waking up because of your partner’s movements, it will help to minimize the impact of your partner’s movement so that you can have a great night’s sleep.

 Mattress firmness

The firmness level is comparatively soft. However, the brand claims it to be medium-firm, which is not the case consumers found it a little soft to be considered as medium firm but the mattress has decent back support so if you want a mattress with back support that provides coolness and coziness as well, you can consider the sleep company smart grid mattress

2. Usha Ortho Sense Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress India

Usha is a huge brand and relatively old, everyone is familiar with the brand and its amazing products, and now they are stepping into the mattress industry, Usha ortho sense cooling mattress is not very popular among users but I thought of review it as the brand is really reliable and the mattress is heavy comprised of cooling features

Mattress coolness

The mattress uses PCM technology to provide you adequate cool sleep, if you are wondering how the PCM technology works, it actually absorbs your body heat when you’re warm, and the moment your temperature dips, the mattress transfers the stored heat back to you.

The mattress also comes with a unique property that assesses the amount of body heat you release to provide the required sleeping temperature and won’t let the mattress heat up at all

 Air Circulation

The mattress also utilizes a unique airflow system through its side border fabric in order to regulate sleeping temperature so that you can have a quality cool sleep

Back Support

The mattress is composed of High Resilience Foam in order to provide you optimum support to your spine along with sturdy support to the memory foam layers, the mattress also eliminates the pressure points

 Hygiene safety

the mattress is not left behind when it comes to Hygiene and Safety The mattress is hypoallergenic, it helps to keep the mattress clean and fresh for longer, You can say the mattress is much more than just a good night’s sleep

 Mattress firmness

The mattress is kind of soft. It provides you a premium plush feel while sleeping. Despite being soft, the mattress provides you adequate back support and coziness at the same time

3. Sleepycat Original Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress India

Sleepycat is a new brand. Despite having little experience in the industry, their mattresses are crushing the marketing, they are delivering top-notch quality mattresses at a very affordable price, which constantly attracting the consumers

Mattress coolness

The mattress comes with premium gel memory foam, like other mattresses gel memory foam does not just allow air to filter through the mattress, but the gel beads work by absorbing and releasing heat from your body. This is how the gel helps keep you cool while the memory foam redistributes weight and molds to your body

Back support

The mattress comes with a 5-inch high-density foam and anti-skid base, providing orthopedic support relieves pressure, give optimum support to your back, and ensure you have a pain-free sleep

Mattress firmness

Mattress firmness decides how comfortable your night is going to be, this mattress comes with a medium-firm layer which means ideal for most of us. However, if you like to sleep on a hard mattress, you may find it a little soft compared to other mattresses

Washable zipper cover–This is the best part. The mattress comes with a zipper cover, which means if you ever happen to spill your coffee on your mattress you can get rid of the stain easily just zip off the outer cover, wash, dry and it’s done, I love mattresses with zipper cover, it makes the whole cleaning process very handy

My Recommendation

Sleepyhead Sense Cooling Mattress

Why did I choose this mattress? I can give you plenty of reasons but let’s start with the most important one

The sleepyhead sense mattress comes with PCM cooling technology

Now, why would you even care about it? Let me tell you PCM technology is the most recent and advances cooling technology invent to keep you all night cool.

You must be wondering

what about gel memory foam isn’t gel memory does the same job?

Unfortunately (NO IT DOESN’T) Because Gel substance is a semi-liquid thing, and after the initial cooling effect, liquids obtain the same temperature as their surroundings when they are not allowed to evaporate. So as a matter of fact, the cooling gel’s effect is temporary it does not last the whole night.

With PCM technology it’s different. Let me explain how the cool effect lasts the whole night!

PCM is sprayed as the top layer of the mattress which helps the mattress to absorb your body heat when you’re warm, and the moment your temperature dips, the mattress transfers the stored heat back to you, that is how it keeps your temperature balance and provide you a cool night sleep without any Interruption.

Gel Memory Foam VS PCM Cooling Technology
AntiqueNew Technology
Acquire the surrounding temperatureKeep your mattress temperature balance all night
Temporary cooling effectKeeps you cool all night

 If you are looking for the best cooling mattress in India, go for sleepyhead sense cooling mattress, I couldn’t find a better cooling mattress than this one, the PCM technology outweigh the gel foam

Cooling Technology – 5.0

Back Support – 4.5

Mattress Comfort – 4.7

Customer Support – 4.4

User Satisfaction Rate – 89%


Mattress Firmness – Medium

Item Weight – 35.4 Kilogram

10 Years of Warranty

10 Days Replacement

Color –White

Quality Verified


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