Best Trimmer For Balls [2021]

You don’t want to get cut down there, that is why I want you to check the 7 best trimmer for balls right below

Hang On! recommendation Update

You need to keep your eyes open when choosing a shaver for your pubic hair because safety is vital when it comes to the pubic area

Time to change my recommendation, this new Philips body groomer is the one I would like to recommend now

Because it has a higher rate of satisfied users and you can also go for a replacement under 7 days

If there is anything wrong, but that’s not the best part, what we want is safety on our groin area and smooth shaving

And this Philips body groomer does the job well, and that’s changed my mind

so this is what I’m recommending now, the Latest Philips body groomer for smooth and safe shaving

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Top Pick – Philips Series Body groomer pro 

1.Philips Norelco Bodygroomer trimmer and shaver

best trimmer for balls

We Like

  • Dual side handle
  • This trimmer can be used as a full body groomer
  • Quick cleaning
  • 100% shower proof
  • Comes with 80 mints of cordless use
  • Require 1 hour of charging
  • Power trimmer for high performance cutting
  • Skin friendly body trimmer

We Don’t Like

  • No cons found

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Philips Norelco BG7030 Is one of the best body groomers you can ever find This beast comes with a dual-sided handle

you can shave and trim at the same time that makes the trimmer very unique you don’t find this feature in a conventional trimmer

the shaver handle has 4 direction flexing-head along with the trimmer that comes with 5 lock in length setting as well

Battery Performance – Philips Norelco Bodygroomer battery is ridiculously amazing delivers 80 mints of cordless run time with 1 hour of charging

This body groomer is a power trimmer delivers high-performance cutting which helps you to get rid of your hair smoothly

without tugging and pulling because that’s definitely not pleasant if you want a trimmer that delivers a pleasant full shaving then get this one

Precision Blade –  At one end of this Philips 7000 series body groomer, you will find an integrated 32mm metal trimmer

and adjustable comb with 5 lengths settings from 3mm to 11mm from trimming thicker hair

and maintaining longer lengths on the opposite end lies the precision trimmer, with Bi-directional to cut longer hairs

and foil shaver for close results according to Philips, the flexible 3D pivoting head contours to your body’s every angle and surface

and the hypoallergenic foil and rounded trimmer tips protect your skin while shaving

Things to Know – Now, as far as charging the device, there are actually 2 metal prongs on the side of this device

and what these do is they work in combination with this charging stand and the charging stand get plugged in the back

and it’s got two metal pieces as mentioned earlier once the metal prongs contact, you start to charge, so there is no charging cord

that’s on the actual device, so you cannot plug this and use it this is the only intend of cordless use

which is kind of a drawback but you do get 80 mints of cordless with 1 hour of charging its one of the best trimmer for balls 

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2. Philips Series Norelco Body groom for balls

Philips trimmer under 1000

We Like

  • Rounded tips for smooth skin contact
  • You can shave all the hard to reach areas
  • Quick cleaning
  • 100% shower proof
  • Comes with 40 minutes of cordless use

We Don’t Like

  • 8 hours of charging

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Review – This trimmer is great for trimming your chest hair your stomach hair or trimming your hair below your waist

the trimmer attachment has a hypoallergenic foil along with a top and bottom edges and this just helps grab the hairs

the foil actually cuts the hair so it is very gentle you can’t cut yourself with these edges by removing the foil you can brush out or blow or rinse out any hairs

and it is completely waterproof for cleaning and you can use it in the shower as well be gentle when you snap the foil back into place

Battery Performance – As mentioned earlier the trimmer comes with 45 minutes of cordless runtime with 8 hours of charging

that’s probably a drawback you can say but in spite of 8 hours charging the trimmer feature and cutting efficiency justifies the trimmer price and the trimmer itself

Trimming & Shaving –  If you plan on shaving your stomach and chest hair you should definitely consider getting a body groomer

I personally never shave my chest or stomach hair because it is something I never needed the reason you should consider buying this trimmer

because it works well for you it’s safer and easier than shaving with a razor blade however expect it to take quite a bit of time if you have a body full of hair

it’s probably not as efficient as waxing but there is no pain involved so I would say this trimmer gets a good score when trimming and shaving your stomach or chest hair

the story does not end here if you need to trim and shave below your waist and I’m not talking about leg hair

this body groomer is a great tool out there so the bottom line if you are looking for a tool to trim and shave the body hair and below your waist

this is highly recommended it is one of the best trimmer and shaver on removing the hair on your lower body and upper body as well

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3.Philips OneBlade Trimmer and Shaver for balls

best trimmer for men in India

We Like

  • This trimmer comes with Rechargeable battery
  • Trimmer offers 45 minutes of cordless use
  • Water-resistant can be used wet or dry
  • 2 years of warranty

We Don’t Like

  • Replacement blade is costly

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Review– Philips one blade trimmer face or base unit comes with one replaceable blade as well as three stubble comb (lengths 1, 3, and 5mm).

It uses a nickel-metal hydride battery and requires 8 hours of charge time for 45 minutes of cordless use

Things to know – Currently, the one blade basic face unit is listed on Amazon for a very affordable price This may seem reasonable

but what jumps out to me right off the bat are replacement parts, when I see the words replacement blades

I automatically think future costs and upon further review, I find out these blades only last for four months and that’s based on two uses per week.

So if you thinking of using new grooming tool for the next year or two, get ready to dish out some extra cash, In addition, Philips

makes it clear this product does not shave as close as a traditional blade. This is due to a tiny green guard preventing the blade from directly contacting your skin means it’s good for your private areas.

My verdict – The one blade beard trimmer is a decent little trimmer. It’s not the closest shave, but it gets the job done.

I personally never found any skin irritation, but I did find the device a bit clunky when working around the inner chin under the lip.

The blade can feel a little bit wide, so when you’re cutting into those corners you might be taking off more than you want.

The lack of bag for attachment can be annoying and a charging indicator light for battery life would have been preferred. That said,

where I saw the one blade perform best next to any conventional trimmer was on the mustache

The one blade smaller profile comb was able to angle in with ease while the most conventional trimmer had difficulty getting in there with the large attachment.

Overall those who are working with a shorter and tighter profile beard or those who are just unconcerned with smoothness on the face

and just don’t want to use razor anymore, Philips one blade face unit would be the best fit

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4. Philips Bg1024 Bodygroom Trimmer for shaving balls

best trimmer for men in India

We Like

  • Come with advance skin protection technology
  • Bidirectional feature to deliver required flexibility while trimming
  • Amazing battery backup comes with AA battery
  • Gives as close shave as 0.5mm with no cuts
  • Blade replacement is not required
  • Comes with Ergonomic Grip that gives you optimal control while trimming and prevent injury
  • Trimmer is 100% waterproof

We Don’t Like

  • Battery recharge option is not available

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Need a trimmer that will get the job done but won’t break the bank here I’m providing a full comprehensive review

for Philips Bg1024 Trimmer to see if it brings the quality you deserve at its bargain price. Stick around

Philips BG1024 Body groomer is great for guys who want efficiency but most important the skin protector will make sure

there is no direct contact between the blades and your crown jewels for your longer hairs you want to click on the comb for pre trim to three millimeters

most guys like to manscape in the shower it just makes for an easier cleanup the most important

this trimmer is also an bidirectional so it grabs the annoying hairs grow in every direction when you start working way down to your balls

click on the skin protector to get the closest results to make sure you grab your best friend and pull it in order to make the skin tight this will make it a lot easier to trim

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5. Philips MG Waterproof beard Trimmer for shaving balls

We Like

  • Waterproof easy to use in the shower
  • Amazing battery backup comes with 120 mint run time
  • Required charging time 1 Hour
  • Comes with Stainless steel blades
  • Unique skin protector system guards

We Don’t Like

  • Use carefully when Manscaping

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Review – In case you find out that your hair is growing a bit long as the day pass and the barbershop is closed. So, that leaves us

with a little option other than to have someone in our family to cut our hair or cut our hair ourselves

the Philips mg7715 is best all in one device it’s good for your hair, you can use it on the beard

and it’s also a body groomer the 13 different size attachments comb helps you to get rid of all the unnecessary hair in no time

most important the unique skin protection system will make sure there is no direct contact between the blades and your skin

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6.Philips Aquatouch Electric Shaver for men

best shaver for balls

We Like

  • Skin protection system
  • 100 percent waterproof
  • 5-direction flexing heads
  • 30 minutes of shaving with 8 hours of charge time
  • 2 Years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase

We Don’t Like

  • Product may not last longer than 2 years

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Review – Electric trimmers are great for guys who want fast trim and efficiency Philips S5050 Aquatouch Electric Shaver

which touts for a faster shave with great skin comfort it’s a trimmer and shaver with a wet and dry feature

which means that you can use it without shaving cream or foam it also comes with a trimming attachment

in order to get you a clean trim or shave in hard to reach areas this trimmer can be charged and delivers 30 minutes of cordless use with 8 hours of charging

you also get a wall charger fairly compact this trimmer comes with 4 rotating blades with 5 direction flexing head

perfect for sideburns and mustache. So, if you are looking for an affordable electric shaver cum trimmer to get things done below your waist

full-body and facial hair this product is just made for you totally recommended

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7.Braun BT3040 Beard & Hair Trimmer for Men

best trimmers for men

We Like

  • 39 precision length settings
  • 0.5mm steps for precise beard
  • 2 combs, from 0.5 to 20mm
  • Provide flexibility and 100% control of your style
  • Lifetime lasting sharp blades
  • 60 minutes of precision trimming
  • Fully washable for easy cleaning under running water

We Don’t Like

  • Requires 8 Hour of charging

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Overall – Braun beard trimmer model BT3040, which Braun touts for its 39 length setting designed for ultimate control and beard trimming precision

this beard trimmer holds a respectable 4 out of a 5-star rating Braun beard trimmer comes with a short beard comb, long beard comb, Gillette fusion Pro Glide razor, changing cord and brush.

The Braun beard trimmer is capable of cutting at 39 precision length settings ranging from 1mm to 20mm in 0.5mm increments.

As far as the grip of Braun beard trimmer it’s made up of plastic, you would see the kind of contour there not the best grip

so far if we take a look at series 5100 and as far as taking off the blade is very easy with Braun beard trimmer

you can just pull it straight off and gently snap back into the place it’s easier with Braun beard trimmer

Braun Battery – As far as battery life, the Braun BT3040 feature two AAA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries that require 8 hours of charging time for 60 minutes of cordless runtime

this trimmer can also be used plugged in for continuous use when I actually used the trimmer and got to the middle and finally to the end.

It felt like it started off strong and then kind of faded. It was a little higher pitch and then kind of gets duller as I was going along

but you can always leverage the corded option if you feel like battery kind of fading

Precaution – Braun beard trimmer attachments are fully washable, However, this trimmer can only be used in dry condition and should not be used while bathing

or the shower so you can get this product if you are looking for a trimmer at 2500 range that can get the job done

it’s definitely a good trimmer to go after only recommended if you are planning to shave your facial hair with the trimmer and you get a Gillette pro Glide Razor for your lower body

not good for your lower body you might feel slightly pinching sensation so definitely not for lower body make sure you check out the trimmer

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best trimmer for balls

10 things to consider when purchasing a pubic trimmer to shave your balls – Guide

1. Your Goal & Blade — You must pay close attention to the blade as it has to serve 60% when you’re shaving

few things to consider while picking the blade stainless steel feature this is the feature you must have

this helps the blade to stay rust-free and another thing to consider is self-sharpening this feature helps to keep the blade as sharp as day one

2. Cord or cordless —- Corded feature limits the range of motion, flexibility required to shave your sensitive area

where you need all the range of motion you can get when trimming around, Performance and flexibility

are both key elements when manscaping so I recommend you to go with the cordless feature

3. Wet or dry —- If you have sensitive skin or people who want to get a close trim will be better served with a wet shave

I understand dry shaving is quicker, cozy hassle-free but if you have sensitive skin you got to avoid dry shave at any cost

4. Battery performance — If you have already decided to get a trimmer with a cordless feature then you must pay close attention to battery life

as a matter of fact, It’s a horrible feeling to see your battery dead in half of the manscaping

not only should you pay attention to how long the battery lasts but how long it takes to get fully charged so you know how long you have to wait to use the cordless feature again

5. Skin protection — If you have sensitive skin & don’t wish any cuts around your private area

then consider buying a trimmer with skin protection technology you don’t have to buy a trimmer with skin protection but having one is always better

6. Ergonomic Grip — I’m very surprise that there is so much ignorance when it comes to the trimmer grip

people tend to ignore the feature like mushrooms If you like mushrooms I’m really sorry to hurt your feeling

but it’s the most hated food in the world anyway having an ergonomic grip is essential a slip might get you a deep cut to avoid that buy a trimmer with ergonomic rubber grip

7. Easy to clean — Avoid buying a trimmer full of a hassle cleaning you don’t want a trimmer being gummed up by the hairs

so get a 100% waterproof trimmer as you can run them under a faucet, This helps you to

focus on your shaving then cleaning the trimmer while you are under the shower

8. Trimmer brand — There are a handful of reliable brands that offers a handy trimming option

so don’t compromise the safety of your most sensitive area for few bucks don’t worry I have

included a variety of brands in my guide with loads of information it’s going to be an easy pick for you

9. Power — The first thing you should look for when picking the best trimmer for balls is appropriate power

the more power your trimmer has the less pulling and tugging you are going to experience throughout

the trimming if you want the whole process to be pleasant buy a trimmer that comes with more juice

10. Reviews — Reviews are another important thing to look up before finalizing the trimmer reviews helps you

to study people real-life experience with the product and gives you some deep insights based on their experience that’s definitely a go-to thing

best trimmer for balls

8 steps to shave your balls safely

Clean your tools —Before you start trimming down there make sure your tools are on point and clean

it helps to prevent any infection if by chance you get a cut as a said precaution is better than cure

Location — Location is super important because when you are doing your job down there you don’t

want anyone to sneak peek the best place is under the shower your trimmer gets clean along with shaving

Wound Clean up — If you have wounds clean it before you start shaving or else your wounds might get worse

and you may get infected smart choice would be cleaning it before you shave the parts around the wounds

Pre-trim — So after taking all the necessary precautions now the time is to get started the first step

I want you to trim all the long hair with a power trimmer if pubic hair are too long a conventional pubic trimmer

might not do the job well they are supposed to cut small hair so trim down before your shave your pubic hair

Apply shaving cream — After trimming down the long hair you must use shaving cream it helps you to avoid

any displeasure & irritation if you have sensitive skin and also makes your shaving smooth

Hand mirror —A mirror can come very handy when you are shaving your balls this helps you to shave precisely and clean all the missed out areas

Pull the skin — Myth debunked trimmers are safer than razor when it comes to shaving your balls

well it’s not razor is ten times safer than using a trimmer without comb I’m sure you have tried to get a clean shave

with a trimmer but didn’t have a pleasant experience it is due to trimmer we try hard to get a close shave

but trimmers are not for a clean shave you must use a razor so pull the skin tight and get started

as long as your razor blade is sharp, tight press lightly on the handle and let the blade do the work for you

Mosturizer — It’s important to always hydrate and moisturize after shaving. It helps to prevent irritation

always look for a moisturizer that does not contain water It helps your shave last longer

best trimmer for balls

5 benifits of shaving your balls

Bigger & better —- A clean shave helps you to look bigger and better a man should always get rid of all the unwanted hair

research has found urban women like guys who are completely shaved more than any other groups so find your best trimmer for balls Asap

It’s good and hygiene —- Things can get a bit smelly down there if you don’t clean regularly

make sure you get rid of your men forest once it has grown to a size of rice seed that’s the most recommended size

Happy spouse — Research has found the majority of women like guys who are clean-shaved down there

and just imagine would you like a girl with full of the forest no right? Then don’t be lazy get your things done being neat and tidy is good for ourselves

More Sensual —- A clean shave down there will give you more pleasure during intimacy with your spouse that’s an another reason to get rid of your men forest

Prevent Itching & irritation — It is no doubt when you use a razor to get rid of pubic hair you’re just cutting it off close to where it grows.

Your hair follicles continue to grow hair underneath your skin,that is why shaving cause irritation, however, if you

decide to trim your pubic hair instead of getting clean shaved it is very unlikely you feel any irritation

3 ways to maintain your balls shaver

Clean the blades — Your blade plays a vital role in your trimmer so you must keep them clean when cleaning

a beard trimmer blade always use a brush to get rid of all the excess hair it helps your trimmer to run smoothly

dirty blade can be very dangerous and a small cut can lead to a serious infection, make sure you keep your tools clean

Avoid keeping on watery surface — If you want your trimmer to last longer then don’t make this mistake keeping your trimmer on a watery surface

can get your blade rusty once your blade is damage you cannot trim with it due to the risk of serious infection

and most trimmer comes with costly blade replacement instead of replacing the blade getting

a new trimmer might sound a better deal so to avoid these circumstances make sure you keep your trimmer at a dry surface

Oil it regularly — If you trim regularly you may notice your trimmer getting rough not delivering the smooth trimming

you wish it could be due to not oiling your trimmer on a regular basis oiling helps your trim parts

to stay sharp as day one so it is vital for one to keep oiling the trimmer if he wish a smooth trimming


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