Top 5 Treadmill Under 20000 Rs | 2022

Looking for a treadmill under 20000, it’s a good budget to start with

I have reviewed 5 best treadmill under 20000 along with that, I have mentioned

The main drawbacks, why it may not be the best pick, check it below carefully

Durafit Spark DC Treadmill Under 20000 Rs

Item Weight – 32 KG

Warranty – 1-year warranty on parts,3 years on motor,5 years on frame

Horsepower – 2.5 hp peak motor

Max speed – 12km per hour

If your weight is under 66kg then you can easily run on this treadmill

And if your weight is under 95 kg then the best you can do is walk on this treadmill

Note, if you weigh more than 65 kg and try to run on this treadmill, you will find that

The treadmill will start shaking and also the motor and belt may start creating weird noise

So now you know if this treadmill suits you best, as I said

If you are under 95kg and just want to walk, and maintain good health then you can definitely go for this treadmill

Now if I talk about the treadmill built quality, it seems pretty strong

And the weight of the treadmill is also 30 plus kg made up of Alloy steel which is pretty strong

I will say, it’s a definitely good treadmill for people who are under 66 kg for running and under 95 kg for walking

Durafit Compact Treadmill under 20000 Rupees  

Item weight – 18kg

1-year warranty on parts,3 years on motor,5 years on frame

2.5 hp peak motor

Max speed – 8km/h

There are two things, I really didn’t like about this treadmill

First is that It’s very lightweight and this treadmill is not for everyone

2nd thing I didn’t like about the treadmill is what I believe, that the brand has mentioned a little bit of wrong information

First, Let me tell you what’s the biggest benefit of this treadmill

It is the size, and how compact is the treadmill, It takes very little space to function well

And you can keep it anywhere around your house, its lightweight and easy to move

And now, if this does not interest you, you can check the rest of the reviews

Okay, now the first thing I didn’t like about the treadmill is the weak body

I can tell you this treadmill is not for heavy people, if you are under 80 KG you can use this treadmill for normal walking

And if you are under 55 kg you can use it for running, anything more than this is not suitable for this treadmill

This is what I personally believe, and in case you weigh more than the mentioned category

Do not go for this treadmill, you will literally damage the product, the belt and motor may start making noise as well

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Cockatoo CTM-05 Treadmill Under 20000 in India

Item weight – 36kg

Material – Alloy steel

Horsepower – 2hp

Max Speed – 12km/h

I would have recommended this treadmill over all other treadmills, but since the treadmill

Comes with a major drawback, I don’t really recommend it right now

The drawback is its durability, from the research I can tell you this treadmill will not show any problem till 10 months

And then you may start experiencing some trouble like sound from the motor, and belt

Besides that, this treadmill is really amazing because it comes with a strong body

And the treadmill is made up of Alloy steel which is pretty strong

The recommended weight I will say, anyone around 90 KG can easily use this treadmill for walking

And anyone around 70 kg should be able to run comfortably

Also, there is one con, I would like to mention is that the treadmill stops working abruptly during a power cut

This means it’s better to have an investor connection otherwise, you may fall from the treadmill and hurt yourself

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Durafit Serene Treadmill Under 20000 Rs

Item weight – 25kg

Material – Alloy steel

Warranty – durafit style 1 year,3 year on motor,5 year on frame

Horsepower – 3hp

Max Speed – 8km/h

I’m kind of 40% sure about this treadmill, because if you look at the frame material

And the item weight you will notice that the treadmill is not strong enough to bear 80kg for running

And 110 kg for walking and these maximum weight mentioned by the brand is really confusing

But from my experience I can tell you, there is no way this treadmill can bear this much weight mentioned by the brand

The frame will start shaking, the motor and the belt will make a weird noise

However, this treadmill is foldable and comes with a hydraulic system and also portable wheels

This makes the treadmill pretty compact and now if we compare it with the 2nd treadmill

I will say this treadmill could be a little less compact but definitely stronger than the 2nd product

And it can easily bear more weight than the 2nd treadmill, so if you are looking for a compact treadmill

Then I will say 2nd treadmill is good, but if you want something that can bear

More weight, then this is the treadmill, I will recommend

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My Recommendation

First Treadmill on my list, the Durafit Spark DC treadmill is the one, I’m recommending, and It’s the best treadmill under 20000 in India, let me tell you why!

first of all this treadmill is not for someone, if you weigh around 70 kg and looking for a treadmill for running purpose

This treadmill will suit best to someone, who is under 66 kg just for running purpose

And for walking purposes, anyone who is under 95 kg can comfortably use this treadmill

The main reason I’m recommending this treadmill is that the treadmill

Is pretty strong compared to any other treadmill at this price range

Also, the brand has mentioned all the information very genuine, if you look at other brands

They have mentioned pretty misleading information, this treadmill is pretty reliable and should work fine for a couple of years

You also get 10 days replacement in case you didn’t like the treadmill, you can return it within 10 days