3 Best [ Memory foam ] Mattress in India

A few months back, I was helping my friend choosing the right memory foam mattress

and it was pretty confusing due to the different types of memory foam and Prices

nevertheless in this review, I have picked this number 1 memory foam mattresses over 100’s of option

Just to make the job easy for you, check it out below


My Recommendation

Memory Foam Mattress Explained

Wakefit Best Memory Foam Mattress in India Check Amazon Price
Sleepyhead Sense Memory Foam Mattress Check Amazon Price
Sleepyhead 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress Check Amazon Price

#1. Wakefit Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

best memory foam mattress in India

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Intro – Wakefit brand is pretty popular among the consumer and it has a decent rating

they have been in the industry for pretty long now and nailing the marketing with decent comfortable mattresses

Foam Quality – It comes with an orthopedic memory foam the firmness level is medium

the mattress foam comes with a good density which increases the mattress longevity

Pressure Zone Technology – Pressure zone technology is new and very helpful

it aligns your spine in a straight line and improves the sleep quality immensely

Smart Space – This is one of the most important features you can come across in this mattress

it allows air to circulate and keeps you all night cool while you are sleeping

Removable cover – We all know how important it is to have a removable cover and how beneficial it is

in case you spill your coffee or your breakfast in your bed the cleansing job really gets tough with other

mattresses but not with this one as it comes with a removable cover just zip the cover off, wash & put it back

My Verdicts – It is by far one of the best mattresses you can come across, the comfort level is top-notch

and the best part is the mattress has the highest number of satisfied consumers across the country

so you can rely on the mattress for a blissful sleep throughout the night

We Like

  • Comes with smart space
  • Removable Cover
  • Pressure Zone Technology

We Don’t Like

  • Some users may find it little soft

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#2. Sleepyhead Sense Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress in India

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Intro – It’s the sleepyhead sense mattress another great mattress from the brand they are offering 10 years of warranty

and 10 days replacement option the best part about this mattress, it’s comprised of PCM technology let’s take a closer look at the mattress

Foam Quality – the mattress comes with memory foam and responsive technology

the advanced high-density memory foam ensures better longevity and it relieves the pressure

and at the same time cushions your body like a cocoon

PCM Technology/ Cooler Technology – PCM technology is relatively new and better than gel memory foam technology

let me explain why, the gel is a liquid substance so it adapts to the surrounding temperature

which eventually ends up becoming hot, but the PCM not just keeps you cool but it also balances the temperature

let me explain how it works, the PCM absorbs the heat your body produces and redistribute

when it’s needed to maintain the body temperature while you sleeping blissfully through the night

Back Support – the medium-firm layer is suitable for anyone, it is supportive and cozy at the same time

but the best part about the sleepyhead sense mattress it comes with 3 zoned Support

it contours each pressure point separately and keep your spine decently aligned

My Verdicts – The mattress has some mixed review but as it comes with 10 days replacement option

you can always use that for your advantage, let’s come to my verdict, the only thing I like about the mattress is the PCM technology

other features are, as usual, you can find them on any other mattresses and for cheaper maybe

but in case you are looking for PCM technology you can go for this mattress

We Like

  • PCM Technology
  • Back Support
  • Foam Quality 4.9 / 5

We Don’t Like

  • No cons found

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#3. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

best memory foam mattress in India

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Intro – Sleepyhead brand has been in the industry for pretty long now, they have been delivering decent

mattresses with positive feedbacks, their customer support is solid, they offer you a 100-night free trial

which allows you to check the mattress so that, you don’t have to worry about having a raw deal

Foam Quality – Sleepyhead comes with their own foam base that will provide you the optimum amount of support

you requires to have a good night sleep and it also keeps your back align without compromising on softness and cushions

Spring Quality – The mattress comes with no partner disturbance technology

in spite of having that feature it allows you to enjoy the soft and sinking feature

you will sink in when you lie on the bed and your partner’s sleep won’t be affected, what could be better right?

Mattress Density – Sleepyhead mattress comes with 3 different layers

which increase the mattress density so thus the longevity and your comfort

Washable Outer Cover – I love a mattress that comes with a washable cover

because you cannot guarantee cleanliness, you might spill your coffee or your drink that is why a washable cover always comes in handy

My Verdicts –The brand claims it to be an orthopedic mattress, however, the mattress comfort projects a different story

it comes with a medium-firm feel which is good but I’m not sure why it just not working for people with back pain

so if you have back pain you might struggle with the mattress, and those who are a little heavier may find themselves sinking in

Since, the cover is white, prone to dirt and strains but the washable cover feature can take care of that.

We Like

  • Washable Outer Cover
  • Spring Quality 4.6 / 5
  • Foam Quality 4.7 / 5

We Don’t Like

  • No Cons Found

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My Recommendation

Why I choose this mattress?

I can give you plenty of reasons but let’s start with the most important one

The Orthopedic Memory foam

The wake fit orthopedic memory comes with differential pressure zoned layer technology, it is specifically designed to keep your spine aligned in a straight shape

regardless of your sleeping position, in other mattresses you developed a bad posture over the course of time but PZL technology make sure you

always have the right posture, this is the by far most important feature to have, I mean according to me it is the most important feature because

I cannot compromise with my health just for few thousand rupees, health is a one-time asset

so I would suggest you go for this orthopedic mattress that takes cares of your back and posture


Few Things you should know  

Return Policy – The mattress comes with 10 years of warranty and 10 days replacement

so in case you find the mattress not very comfortable you can return it during the time window

Customer Support – The brand quickly response to your query and in case it does not

have some patience they will definitely get back to you they also help you with the return policy in case mattress didn’t suit you

and it is one of the most reliable company in India, so I can say my friend you’re in the right hand

and I don’t want to recommend a bad product to my family so I got your back

A little Con – The mattress brand claims that it comes with medium firm layer but I think that’s a little exaggeration the mattress is little

soft but it supports your back well so in case you like sleeping on soft to medium firm mattress, go for this orthopedic mattress

Memory Foam Mattress Explained!

Memory foam is often referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam, (LRPu), it has the ability to slowly

return to its original shape, which helps you to sleep peacefully without causing any disturbance and the

memory foam cells are open creating the matrix through which air can pass to keep you cool all night

If you come across the 2nd or 3rd gen memory foam they have an open-cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight by molding to the person

body, it actually helps relieving the pressure points, preventing pressure sores however there are no objective research supporting the manufacture claims, but it is what it is.

One Important thing you should know memory foam retains body heat so they can be really warm

in hot weather, however if you’re memory foam is comprised of gel based technology or the advance PCM you can expect a peaceful night even in hot weather.

Most Important Point – I didn’t find anyone talking about this point, which is strange especially

the mattress reviewers, anyway I’m obligated to tell you that leaving your baby or small children unattended on memory foam

can be dangerous as they may find it difficult to turn over, and may suffocate. The reason behind is the movement restriction feature

which is good for elders and teens but not really good for kids, If you have toddlers

I would say don’t go for memory foam mattress due to the movement restriction feature or at least do not leave your infant unattended and your toddlers too

The Major Advantage of memory foam

The memory foam distributes any uneven weight which helps in aligning your spine

and preventing any unnatural shapes, due to the support of memory foam the chance are very less of having any chronic body pain,

as the memory foam is made up of pure cushion its barely make any squeaky noise and it also minimize the sound coming from your bed

Precaution of memory foam

Memory foam is not water friendly, this is why washing your mattress is not a very good idea

it can bring down the mattress quality which will make the mattress useless and & it may not come back to its original shape again, so make sure you don’t wash your mattress


Factors to consider when buying a memory foam mattress

Density – It is important to know about the effect of mattress density because it Impacts the mattress longevity, durability and the support of the mattress

The mattress that comes with high density will relatively perform better than the mattress comes with low density

So how do you identify the mattress with high density? It’s easy the first thing you should know is that the memory foam used

in mattress are measured in densities, mattress that range anywhere less than 1.5 lb/Pcf (Per cube foot)

to 3lb/Pcf are considered low density anything more than that for an example 6lb will be considered high density

The high density mattress will have much better longevity however you must be familiar with the fact that

the longevity is an attribute of mattress firmness but firmness must not be confused with density they both are very different

Thickness – Thickness does not matter as long as you pick the mattress with high density

don’t let the thickness of the mattress fool you must be familiar with the Paradox (Less is more) and it’s the same case here

it’s not like thicker the mattress better it is because a memory has several layers and when they adds together

they all contribute to the overall thickness of the mattress so avoid judging a memory foam mattress by its thickness rather focus on the density of the mattress

Different Memory foam and their job

Traditional Memory Foam – The traditional memory foam mattresses are first introduced in 1991

it quickly become popular because of its pressure relief feature, the mattress is designed for cradling support

as well as enhance the air circulation and decreasing stress however the foam comes with a big con, cause discomfort due to excessive heat

retention for many people this reason is enough to go for the traditional foam based mattress

Open Cell Memory Foam – On the other hand the open cell memory foam mattress molds to body

temperature to ensure you don’t get too hot and it also response faster than traditional memory foam

Gel based memory Foam – the end result of gel base memory foam is not very different from Open cell

memory foam it just add same comfort and a bit more cooler night’s sleep


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