15 Best Mattress Brands in India

I understand, picking the right Mattress brand can be daunting sometimes, and believe me while working in the mattress space I came across at least 20 plus Mattress brands In India with over 1000 different Mattresses. That’s enough to confuse right?

Well After spending a lot of my time in the mattress space, I decided to share all my experience and knowledge I gained over the period of time working with these brands. I’m sure it will help you to choose the right brand here is the list below

Okay enough! Let me give you the clear 7 winners in the mattress Industry and then I will reveal that #1 mattress brand that deserves your full attention and time

So Here Are Your First 7 Winners


About Sleepwell Brand

Sleepwell brand has been in the mattress industry since 2017. The parent company Sheela group has been working for the last 50 years with 4k plus exclusive dealers, 100+ distributors, and 10k Plus manufacturing Units. This makes the Sleepwell company a very reliable mattress brand across the country

About Mattress 

Sleepwell mattress comes with unique cocoon technology if you are not familiar with cocoon mattresses. It gives both partners flexibility to sleep with a different feel on the same bed. Whereas other mattresses in India offer the same mattress feel for both partners,

which is not very convenient In case the wife prefers a firm and strong mattress and the hubby chooses to be on a soft mattress then there is a problem, isn’t it?

This is where you exactly need a cocoon technology mattress that allows both partners to sleep at their preferred firmness level. And you can always customize the mattress firmness level according to your mood just zip off the cover and flip the side

it is that easy or while ordering the mattress you can choose the one you prefer most and to learn more visit Sleepwell website, you can also order through their website for a better discount

Things you should Know

5 Years of Warranty

Free Delivery

30 days free trail

Customization Option available

Note: With Every Mattress Specification May Change So Please Check Carefully Before You Pick Any Mattress

Sleepwell Mattress Price list In India  

Mattress NamePrice
Sleepwell Cocoon MattressRs.7812
Sleepwell Comfort Cell Series 1.0 MattressRs.26,803
Sleepwell Spinetech Air MattressRs.17,616
Sleepwell Activa MattressRs.7,930
Sleepywell Heera Plus MattressRs.5,719
Sleepywell Utsav MattressRs.3,989


About Duroflex Brand

Duroflex is one of the Oldest Company you can find across the mattress industry, Duroflex brand has 5 decades of Expertise and only certified orthopedic mattress makers, following ISO 9001-2015 quality standards for all of their Products and the manufacturing process is backed by dedicated research and development. That is why they are still managing to deliver top-notch quality mattress across India

About Mattress

Duroflex offers you a large number of option when it comes to buying mattress however the options may confuse you so before you pick any of their product, I would suggest you go through the product reviews for a wider understanding of the mattress quality and performance

they have a category of mattress called Duropedic, which is a combination of different material and orthopedic technology, they have 5 different mattresses within one category here is the list below

Things you should know

The warranty and other policy differs as per the purchase so make sure you take a closer look while buying any mattress from the Duroflex brand

List of Duropedic Mattresses Collection

Mattress NamePrice
Duroflex Back Magic Orthopedic Coir MattressRs.7,834
Duroflex Orthopedic Memory Foam MattressRs.11,390
Duroflex Orthopedic coir and Foam MattressRs.11,701
Orthopedic memory foam triple Anti-microbial fabricRs.13,000
Orthopedic zero partner disturbance memory foamRs.27,746


About Sleepycat Brand

Sleepycat is one of the most promising brands in India, Sleepycat was founded by Kabir Siddiq in 2017, Since 2017 sleepy cat has sold over 150000+ mattresses in India. The brand is known to deliver luxurious mattresses at a fraction of the usual cost.

About Mattress

Sleepycat has 5 different types of mattresses to offer, the newest arrival is the switch mattress it gives you the flexibility to choose the mattress feel between soft and firm with easy flipping, the mattress comes in four different sizes Single, Double, Queen, and King, the second mattress in the list is Sleepycat original mattress

here you get an additional size customization option along with four different size tags, the next mattress is a latex mattress it is 100% organic comes with a 7-zone latex mattress, four different sizes, Single, Double, Queen, and King, another mattress they have is a plush mattress which is the best seller of Sleepycat brand and I personally think this mattress really deserves the best seller position

the price is reasonable features are outstanding, you don’t get such a high-quality mattress just @9900 I’m personally surprised and Sleepycat is willing to surprise us, anyway the 5th mattress last but not least Baby mattress it comes with a waterproof zipper cover and price starting from 3989 you get the custom size along with the single mattress Option which comes very handy sometimes, So these are the 5 different mattresses you can find within the Sleepycat mattress brand, Sooner they may come up with some new mattress technology but for now, this is it

Things You Should Know

Sleepycat Promise 30 Night of free trial

Free Shipping at your doorstep across India

To know about the Return Policy you can what’s app them at +918588052247 just drop *Return Policy* as a message and they will get back to you right away with 5 different mattress Option because the return policy differs as per the product purchased

Sleepycat Mattresses Price list In India  

Mattress NamePrice
Sleepycat Latex MattressRs.13,989
Sleepycat Switch MattressRs.8,489
Sleepycat Original MattressRs.8,989
Sleepycat Plus MattressRs.9,989
Sleepycat Baby MattressRs.3,989


About Sleepyhead Brand

Sleepyhead mattress brand claims to be India’s Best Online mattress Store and Brand, However, Sleepyhead is comparatively new in the mattress Industry and no doubt they are doing really well despite being the new kid in the garden and the brand seems very Promising

About Mattress

It takes guts to offer (No Question Asked Return Policy) and the sleepyhead brand is confident enough to do it. It is okay for them if you change your mind, they value your decision, and that is why Sleepyhead has (No Question Asked Return Policy)

Sleepyhead has three different mattresses for you

Number 1 – Sleepyhead Sense it’s a cooling foam mattress

Number 2 – Sleepyhead Original the easy peasy mattress

Number 3 – Sleepyhead Flip you can choose your side of comfort

Things You Should Know

Sleepyhead offers you 100 nights of free trial

Sleepyhead Sense and Original comes with 10 years of warranty

Sleepyhead Flip comes with 5 years of warranty

(No Question Asked Return Policy)

Doorstep delivery

Sleepyhead Mattresses Price list in India

Mattress NamePrice
Sleepyhead Sense MattressRs.9,999
Sleepyhead Original MattressRs.6,499
Sleepyhead Flip Mattress.Rs.5,499


About Emma Brand

Emma is an international mattress brand and top-rated mattress in over 20 countries, It was founded in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015 the brand has won 22 awards internationally from consumer testing associations in my opinion the brand is pretty promising however I found

About mattress

Emma has 3 different types of mattresses one is an orthopedic mattress, another is Emma’s Original mattress, and Emma’s premium mattress. There are four sizes available for each Single, Double, Queen, and King. The current orthopedic mattress Price starting from 12,180 rupees

whereas the Emma Original price starting somewhere around 13,965 and the premium goes all the way up to 25000 rupees, the orthopedic mattress comes with Visco-elastic memory foam and the other two mattresses are comprised of Zero gravity foam which contours to the shape of your body and distribute the bodyweight evenly.

Things you should Know

The mattress brand offers you 100 nights of free trial

11 years of warranty

Doorstep delivery

To Know about the return Policy you can what’s app them at +919676423086  their customer support member will assist you right away

Emma Mattresses Price list in India

Mattress NamePrice
Emma Orthopedic MattressRs.12,180
Emma Original MattressRs.13,965
Emma Premium Mattress.Rs.25,000


About The Sleep Company

The Sleep Company is focusing more on upgrading the mattress quality you may not find their website very appealing or worse difficult to stay but you got to respect their work and technology the fight they are bringing in the mattress industry forces other company to go overboard improving the mattress quality and design

About Mattress

The Sleep Company has 3 different types of mattress on their plate one is Smart luxe it’s a smart grid mattress that intelligently adapts to every body shape, the second mattress is smart comfort which gives you extra support and comfort from head to toe, the last but not least the brand smart orthopedic, It provides firm support for you back and ultimate comfort

Things you should know

The Sleep Company is willing to provide 100 nights of free trial

Comes with 10 Years of warranty

For any information on return Policy you can what’s app them at +919167421318

Sleep Company Mattresses Price list in India

Mattress NamePrice
Smart Luxe MattressRs.16000 to Rs.35000
Smart Comfort MattressRs.13000 to Rs.30,000
Smart Orthopedic MattressRs.11,925 to Rs.19,000


About Wakefit Brand

Wakefit mattress brand was founded in 2016 by Ankit Garg & Chaitanya Ramalingengowda with a vision of providing highly innovative sleep solutions at very affordable Prices, the soul of wake fit lies in extensive deep customer research, and the company started off with the CEO visiting about 100 Customer homes to get the best recipe for the mattress.

About Mattress

Wakefit provides a large number of features within the mattress and their two most common mattresses are Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress and Wakefit dual comfort mattress. In both mattresses, you get the size customization option. The orthopedic memory foam mattress comes with a medium-firm mattress feel whereas Wakefit dual comfort mattress offers you medium firm and medium soft mattress feel on opposite sides of the mattress basically you have to flip the mattress to change the feel

Things You Should Know

100 nights of trial

Wakefit offers you Risk free return

Doorstep Delivery

10 years of manufacturer’s warranty on Orthopedic memory foam mattress

7 years of manufacturer’s warranty on Dual comfort mattress

Wakefit Mattresses Price list in India

Mattress NamePrice
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory foam MattressRs.6100
Wakefit Dual Comfort MattressRs.5400

How to choose a mattress brand?

Warranty – Make sure the brand you pick has a solid warranty

Trial Period – A trial period always comes in handy In case you do not find it comfortable there is always an option to replace

Return Policy – As mentioned above a return policy is something you should pay close attention to as you would be investing a lot of money you must pick a company with a solid return policy

Mattress Quality – No doubt, at the end of the day it is the Mattress that matters, in this article, I will provide you Mattress Insight based on strong research and people experience with the product, which will help you to identify the right mattress brand for you

Available features within the brand – Before you finalize your go-to brand, do not forget to check the mattress features such as

Air Vent, Foam Top, Hypoallergenic, Memory Foam Top, Natural Filling, Orthopedic, Plush, Rollable

It is not necessary for a brand to have all these mattress features included so do not beat yourself up to find a mattress brand comprised of all these features.

Customer Satisfaction Rate 

Every good brand tries their best to keep the customer happy if you find the majority of customers unsatisfied then definitely, the product is not up to the mark, therefore, I would suggest you check the Customer Satisfaction Rate (CSR) before you choose the brand. If you are not sure where to find the (CSR) I have made this simple graph on best mattress brands In India to provide you a better knowledge about the mattress company 

Brand followers

It’s easier to trust the company when the brand has a large number of followers, let’s be honest here, you would never recommend a brand you didn’t enjoy yourself right? Therefore, I have prepared a small graph to make it easy for you to understand how trustworthy the company is when a company has a huge number of buyers it’s easier for us to identify how good the mattress company is.


The Graph Represents The Date Of Satisfied Consumers.

Okay! Let me explain something real quick as you can see the 1st graph it’s representing the date of satisfied consumers higher the percent better the brand is.

This graph tells us in every 1000 sold mattresses, how many people are actually satisfied with the mattress. It’s Important to know which brand is performing well in the industry out of these top 7 mattress brands In India

Best mattress in India

This 2nd graph tells us which brand is more serious about their product and marketing and how many people are happily following the brand why this data is so important?

Look would you ever follow a brand that snatches your money by promising an amazing product of course no right? Therefore I would suggest you go with the mattress brand that has a higher percentage of success in delivering the best product

Top mattress brands In India


Which One to buy? (Orthopedic or Dual Comfort)

Let me give you a quick comparison so that you can see which one fits your expectation

Ortho MattressDual Comfort Mattress
100 Nights Trial100 Nights Trial
Height Available – 5,6 & 8Height Available – 5 & 6
10 Years Warranty7 Years Warranty
Doorstep DeliveryDoorstep Delivery
wakefit mattress

My verdicts – Okay! I would happily recommend you the wakefit orthopedic mattress, (Amazon) because the dual comfort mattress offers you a soft mattress feel.

Unfortunately! the brand claims that they have a medium firm and medium soft feel layer within the dual comfort mattress but when interacting with a genuine user 

I came to know that the medium-firm is actually soft and the medium soft is just too soft but the orthopedic mattress turns out to be really comfortable and firm enough

Why Mattress Feel Is So Important? – Mattress feel is the important feature to consider because if you pick the wrong one you may struggle with back pain and uncomfortable nights which you definitely do not want.

The orthopedic mattress (Amazon) offers you a medium-firm feel, it really comes in handy for elderly peoples, or in case you have severe back pain, it will provide you better comfort and relief to spinal back pain.

Basically the medium-firm mattress keeps things balance neither too soft nor hard so that it can match your comfort level and provide you a peaceful good night sleep, wake fit orthopedic mattress is so far the most reliable brand with heights number of satisfied customers


  • High quality knitted fabric keeps your body cool through allowing proper air circulation
  • 3 different types of foam ensure your back is comfortable while sleeping


  • Fixed cover

#1 Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress (Amazon)

Final Words – Hey I’m glad you made it to the end, well I have to spend a lot of time creating a resource like this for free and if you have not checked the Mattress Graph yet, check it now it’s awesome

anyway if you find this helpful and enjoyed the post please let me know in the comments, any improvement tips would be much appreciated, thank you!

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