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Hey There, I’m Onwe Miracle Thanks for visiting bestreview21.com for Home Ideas tips & Pics! 

I always dream about my home! As in Think about things I would do if time or money were no object 

Therefore One day I took a few moments to wander around my rooms and dream. What could it look like with a little time or money? and that is when I decided to entirely redecorate my room, I fixed all the leakage in the walls, tackle the wall completely repaint it, change my bed all though I bought a second hand It has been very comfortable 

After a long week I manage to turn my room from 



Room Decor


To This

Room Decor

I hope you liked my room. Since 9-year old I have been very passionate about room decor, furnishing and Home Improvements.

 I remember how my grandma helps me to craft my own pillow designs all those memories are stuck in my heart.

 Every day that passes by, my passion & love for home decor even grow stronger I still wish if I could own 100 rooms and decorate them according to my style 

so, with that dream in mind, I’ve set up this website to support my home decoration habit while writing about something I am passionate about. 

I seek to pass on some tips and advice that I have picked up over the years of decorating beautiful rooms. offer it to you in the form of a helpful and entertaining Home decor & Improvement website 

I really do hope you enjoy what I’ve put together here. If you have any personal suggestions, compliments – just fire ’em through! I would love to know what do you think about the site and how I can improve this site. 

hey if you really have enjoyed browsing through it, please share your thoughts I would love to hear you 😉

Keep decorating your home,

Onwe Miracle 

Owne Miracle

Author – Onwe Miracle has been a room decor & Improvement enthusiast forever,  she loves to  change ordinary rooms Into unique jaw-dropping art